Former Penn State Defensive Tackle Creates Hilarious “Stuff Free Agents Say” Video

This is awesome. After spending eight years in the NFL, former Penn State player Anthony Adams is a free agent. He’s not signed with any teams for the 2012 season, so he provided a humorous glimpse into what life is like as a free agent. 

I imagine Donovan McNabb’s life has been like this since 2010.

via The School Philly


9 Responses

  1. I used to catch Anthony Adams getting late night McDonalds up psu a couple times a week

  2. “Dumbest comment this sight has ever had!”
    Sight? Some education you got at PSU
    Good thing they can now focus on teaching their students proper spelling seeing as their football program will be irrelevant for the next decade.

  3. Leave it up to assholes to make this about Penn State and not the humor of the video. Fucking morons.

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