Graham Spanier’s Lawyers Will Denounce the Freeh Report Today

The lawyers for the worst university president in the world, Graham Spanier, will hold a press conference in Philadelphia this morning to blast the Freeh report and its findings. Fun! 

We’ll bring you the details, but presumably the sentiments will echo those shared by Spanier in a letter he wrote the Penn State board in which he claimed that he was abused as a child and, as a lifelong family therapist, would have never allowed the continual abuse of innocent children if he knew what was going on.

The mere fact that representatives for Spanier (who holds a top secret government clearance) are speaking out against the report conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh means things are probably going to even muddier in this whole situation. And Greg Bucceroni, the man who claims that he was introduced to Jerry Sandusky in 1979 and 1980 as part of a child sex ring, says he will be present, presumably to support Spanier’s denouncement.

Bucceroni claims that the Freeh investigation was extremely limited in its scope because had it gone back to the 1980s, it would have uncovered Sandusky’s ties to a sex ring involving members of the mob, which Freeh investigated while with the FBI.

Like I said, fun!


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  1. Told you this shit was going to get deeper and uglier before all is over. Freeh is being investigated for coverups as well while with the FBI. Go figure the PSU board hired him to sweep this under the rug quickly.

  2. “The trip was not out of the ordinary. Gricar reportedly had gone to the town on several occasions in the past to shop at an antique store.”
    Grown man regularly shopping at an antique store?

  3. The Values of Graham Spanier
    GRAHAM SPANIER, who was forced to resign as Penn State president last week in response to the Jerry Sandusky scandal, wrote an article in 1975 for the Archives of Sexual Behavior on wife-swapping. The academic article opens with this:
    This article attempts to illuminate the understanding of swinging, or mate swapping, an increasingly common form of extramarital sexual activity. A theoretical formulation argues that swinging is a form of extramarital sexual activity which serves to define as good and acceptable a behavior that in other forms and in the past has been considered deviant or immoral.
    Spanier, who earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Northwestern University and studied wife-swapping for his dissertation, has been the object of criticism by conservative activists for years. He remains a tenured professor at Penn State after resigning his administrative position, which gave him an annual income of more than half a million dollars. It is no surprise in light of his history that when charges were filed against an athletic director and vice president who failed to report the child rapes to the police, he expressed support for his employees and no concern for the victims.
    In 1995, when Spanier was under consideration for the president’s spot at Penn State, the student body president at the University of Nebraska, where Spanier was formerly employed as president, told the Penn State college newspaper: “He very much focuses on affirmative action and a pro-homosexual agenda. Watch out for his social agenda and make sure he doesn’t make it a priority over academics.”
    Here are the few of the events that took place under Spanier, as reported by the American Family Association of Pennsylvania:
    November 18, 2000 – Womyn’s Concerns and the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) held C-Fest – “an event featuring performance art, music and a reading from Inga Muscio, author of the book C_____: A Declaration of Independence.” Jess Dobkin, Lesbian performing artist, in various states of nudity. One report says it featured nudity, vulgar sexual references, and anti-male rants.
    February 2001 – Womyn’s Concerns hosted “Sex Faire” to discuss “issues of Sexual health, consensual activities and liberation.” Included games such as ‘pin the clitoris on the vulva’ and ‘orgasm bingo.’ A book table featured “Smut and Other Great Literature.”
    October 2001 – Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, accepted an invitation to speak.
    February 2002 – third annual “Sex Faire” Womyn’s Concerns keynote speakers included Patrick Califia Rice, female to male transsexual and author of sadomasochistic books such as “Macho Sluts” and “Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex” and supporter of NAMBLA ; Sarah Weddington, a lawyer who won Roe v. Wade; Leslie Feinberg speaking on ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Health Liberation;” and Wendy Sanford presenting “Our Bodies, Ourselves: Body, Image, Self-Care and Sexual Choices for Women.’ Number of workshops from Homosexuality to safe sex erotic. Information about Planned Parenthood was Available and free condoms were handed out.’ (a three day event)
    Great stuff Kyle….just don’t camp out on Santorum’s lawn.

  4. It’s “fun” that the man can’t defend himself in regards to a clearly biased investigator presenting clearly biased allegations. I’m anti – Spanier, Paterno, Curley and Schultz at this point and I’m PSU alum that is disgusted, but I still would like to hear what the three living men have to say to explain and defend themselves without a mockery from the media and public. There are two sides to every story and we haven’t heard from the three crucial figures left. Fun! You’re a funboy, Dr. Fun, M.D, and your fun “sports” (use that term loosely) blog is a gossip column. Bleeding Green Nation, Crashburn Alley, and Broad Street Hockey are real, informative, sports related blogs that you can actually learn something from.

  5. Dear Dubs
    “real, informative, sports related blogs that you can actually learn something from”
    Every sport is nothing more than entertainment.
    Real life is sometimes brutal truth.
    From Gov Tom Corbett on down this is a cover up on a grand scale.
    Even a Penn State grad can see and admit that.

  6. Al TRU: I never said it wasn’t a “cover up”, as for a grand scale, well that can be debated. It’s more negligence than a cover up though if you get down to it. I said the men deserve a chance to be heard. As a grad, I’m deeply disappointed in PSU, but also disappointed in the media forcing the public perception to be that of bloodthirsty hooligans.
    You’re right – sports are entertainment. Sorry I should have been more clear: if you want to “learn” about “sports” CB is not the place to be as it is merely gossip and banter from some preppy kid from Springfield.

  7. And the only reason I bring all that up is because this site is constantly self-promoted and self-anointed “Best Philly Sports Blog”. It’s not, and quite frankly, it sucks compared to the others – but CB is good for a laugh every morning, or to see some funny twitter fights, or half nude chicks but that’s about it. So no need for people to come out of the wood work and tell me not to read the site if I don’t like it, I know the purpose of CB, no love lost.

  8. I was a nerdy kid from Chester.
    negligence is looking the other way.
    cover up is when you get caught.
    Penn St paid Freeh $6 million for his “report”
    Say goodbye to the $4 – $6 billion Penn State endowment fund.
    as for reading or not reading this site ?
    do what thou wilt

  9. Negligence is looking the other way and when all the truth comes out, looking like an asshole that didn’t do enough and because of it victimization occured. (See Paterno, Spanier, Curley, Schultz)
    Penn State paid $6M for a report that was thoroughly incomplete. So I don’t see what you’re point is.
    I wilt. Thanks thou.

  10. My point is at the highest levels of state and local politics these horrendous acts of inhumanity were allowed to occur for 30 years.
    the trail from Penn State leads to Wash DC
    See, once you’ve stripped away the “sports” element to this scandal, it is shown to be what it really is: sexual abuse against children.
    Covered up for 30 years.
    The real men in power don’t care about me and you, Dubs.
    Humanitarians love humanity; they just don’t like people.

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