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The folks over at Unequal, makers of the sports protection apparel endorsed by Michael Vick (that he apparently wasn’t wearing when he suffered all three of his rib injuries), sent along this video to demonstrate the effectiveness of the materials used in their products.

In our post earlier about Unequal and its relationship with Vick, we mentioned the video, in which the company’s president, Rob Vito, allowed ESPN’s Ed Werder to take a shovel to his chest, which was covered by lightweight material that was being worn by Tony Romo during a September, 2011 game. 

As you can see, the stuff seems to work, and Vick would likely benefit from wearing Unequal's gear every game (as his endorsement deal requires him to do). Mostly, though, we’re just posting it because it’s hilarious to watch grown men hit each other with shovels.

Video after the jump.