Hilarious Twitter Overreactions to Cliff Lee Being Placed on Waivers

With the news that Cliff Lee had been placed on waivers, many, myself included, had a brief moment of panic. The word waivers comes with a negative connotation and, in many cases in sports, signals the end of a player’s run with their team. 

Baseball works a little differently.

Most fans know that after the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline, players must clear waivers before they can be traded (this is how the Phillies acquired Matt Stairs). This is so all teams are given a fair chance to claim a player and down-and-out teams are prevented from selling off players at the last minute. That part is widely known and understood. But, what is not as well known and certainly not as well publicized is that, at some point each August, almost every player in baseball is placed on waivers as a matter of procedure. Teams can pull a player off waivers if he’s claimed, so there’s really no risk in putting a player on the wire. It’s mostly just part of a behind-the-scenes poker game that we don’t get to witness. As a result, when news that Lee was placed on waivers broke this afternoon, the knee-jerk reaction for many was one of surprise. Usually, the names of those players aren’t disclosed, so we don’t think or talk about it (Jayson Stark and Danny Knobler have done a nice job of explaining the process in seasons past).

And after hearing Ruben Amaro say in multiple interviews that the Phillies had no interest in moving Lee, learning that he is on waivers raises an eyebrow or two, because, if he clears, the Phils will have the option of trading him again.

It was widely reported that working out a trade for Lee in the short window leading up to the deadline was a near impossibility considering the amount of money Lee makes and his limited no-trade clause (there are only eight teams he can go to without approval). But, should he clear waivers (which he likely will), it will give the Phils and a team like, say, the Rangers more time to hammer out a deal. It’s probably still a long shot, but will be a possibility again.

Anyway, here are the best Twitter overreactions to the news… starting with mine.

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  1. Half the dumb bitches in tweeting this shit probably don’t even understand what a trade waiver is…

  2. So you get to delete your tweet and completely re-write your article where you call Ruben a “big fucking liar” and then write another article putting other people on blast for “hilarious overreactions” after you hilariously overreacted? That’s pretty dickish.

  3. Even if the intent is to move Lee, that’s not a bad thing. Amaro has made some bone headed moves but I wouldn’t consider this one of them, should Lee clear waivers and talks pick up with TX

  4. Wow. Hypocritical much?
    Can’t wait to log on to Twitter and see how FanSince09 and Crashburn Alley rightly tear you to shreds for this post.

  5. Certainly not. At the very least, it’s accurate to say the dude’s a liar because…he…is. For many reasons besides this. I don’t see Roy Halladay on waivers, I do see Cliff Lee though, so if he had no interest in moving Cliff Lee he wouldn’t be gauging interest. With that said, it’s obviously a standard procedure to a certain extent and cursory understanding of the MLB’s retarded and convoluted waiver system reveals that putting him on waivers does not necessarily mean he will get traded. The difference with Cliff and with pretty much every other case is that someone decided to leak that particular instance, leaving out the fact that half the Phillies’ bench and likely many other teams’ players of all sorts of salary levels are currently on waivers too, and have been since yesterday.
    My problem here is that you whitewashed the traces of your admitted overreaction and then put other people on blast on a widely circulated sports blog for having the same or at least similar reaction, going as far as saying that we should “laugh at our peers.” I stand by that being dickish. Either be willing to drink the medicine you’re prescribing or don’t bother prescribing it.
    With that said, I’m a longtime reader and by no means a “hater.” The entire concept of this just rubs me the wrong way. It feels like lazy journalism, like Philly.com-related newspaper writers posting throwaway articles about where on the Jersey Shore Jeff Carter should bring the Stanley Cup.

  6. Chris, Roy Halladay probably IS on waivers, or will be at some point in August. Read the Stark and Knobler articles. Damn near EVERYONE MAJOR LEAGUE PLAYER is placed on waivers in August. It means NOTHING that Cliff Lee was. It’s not about gauging interest. Cliff Lee IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

  7. For those of you who have let doubt creep into their heads about whether or not Clifton is an ace. Take a quick look around twitter at the fans of teams who can hit screaming for their squad to attempt to claim him off waivers.
    Frankly, the fact that this has been turned into a story is disheartening to me as a fan of CPLee. It can’t feel good to come out and play your best game of the season against the first place team in your division then spend the rest of your week putting up with this bullshit and explaining it away. Just let him fucking pitch. The sports media in this town is like listening to a bunch of fucking women chatter away.

  8. Dude, Kyle, are fucking trolling us?? Your readership deserves an answer to that question.

  9. Thank you for updating the article. I hope you understand why it was unfair as it was before.

  10. How come Kyle wasnt saying that in April when the season had promise and he was stalking Amaro in FLA like a little bitch stalks Bieber?
    You fucking frathouse pussy.

  11. I really can’t figure you out sometimes, Kyle. A lot of the time you are solid, you deliver exactly the kind of coverage the dedicated Philly sports fan wants (i.e. most recently running commentary of phillies trade deadline, Flyers free agency). And then you turn around and become a complete asshat. You’re blog is becoming a bigger part of the Philly sports conversation, I thought you realized that. But it doesn’t seem so today. When you presented the story the way you did, YOU FUCKING ELICITED THE OVERREACTION. And now you’re turning around and saying “Oh hey look at these idiots overreacting on twitter”. I would bet a paycheck that atleast half of those twitter posts we’re a direct result of reading your story.

  12. The troubling thing here is the fact that Cliff said RAJ told him the trade talk was just rumors, nothing to them. That’s exactly what he told him the day before he traded him the first time. If Ruben told me the sky was blue and the grass was green I’d suddenly feel the need to go outside and check.
    Ace Lefty, you give the media here too much credit. They’re more like 13 year old girls. The mean ones. The way that they constantly contradicted themselves leading up to the trade deadline shows they’re only interest is stirring the shit for attention, not accuracy or informing their readers.

  13. Does anyone notice the FIRST overreaction? Dude is taking a pop shot at himself. Sometimes comments are good. Others just suck like Nigeria in Olympic basketball.

  14. Ha! You’re an asshole, Kyle. Way to revise your “coverage” to make you look like you weren’t one of these morons. You love cock.

  15. Meh! Nothing to see here, just a bunch of immature children whining and arguing over a bunch of nothing. Move along, people.

  16. @Shermundo crawl out of Kyle’s asshole.. You know the post was revised to include himself as people started calling him out? Go back to suckin Kyle off.

  17. Hold on a second. Why in the world did the Phillies get rid of Lee. He pitched great the other night. Did they at least get any prospects in return?

  18. why is everyone freaking out at kyle??sure he may have “overreacted,” but just enjoy some of the other tweets of those that “overreacted” cause they’re much funnier than kyles…but for real just relax and enjoy it no one makes you read this website.

  19. are you going to cry every year because you forget how baseball works? (or never really knew in the first place? )

  20. I didnt read the articles or anything — cant believe Lee is on waivers!! Remember when he like caught that pop up in the WS against NY Yankees..so cool. And I love Roy Holiday..Holiday is great, thats how you say it right…Holiday?? Hehe.

  21. Kyle – like the other 50% of baseball fans in this city who just started following the Phillies AFTER they started winning – doesn’t know what a trade waiver is, let alone how one works. Idiots. Again, just get back to your TMZ-style scooping and leave anything of relevance to intelligent people.

  22. I am one of those fans who has been long suffering, and I know everything about baseball. Been shedding little girly tears about the Phils since Mookie Wilson hit two homers against us at the Vet in ’88, same day I got my first chubby.
    All you johnny come latelies should stay home and watch the Dallas Cowboys, we don’t need all these new young fans helping sell out the stadium every night and buying merchandise to ensure our team has one of the biggest pay rolls in baseball! You guys DON’T know anything about WAR or waiver legalities. I am smarter than you, and only nerds like me are allowed to be a fan! I liked baseball before baseball was cool again!

  23. *Douche-chills*
    You made a mistake and looked foolish, move on. Stop trying to justify your idiocy by writing about other idiots.
    Also, it’s important to note that the difference between you and the other twitter posters is that “knowing” sports is your job, whereas they’re probably just fans.

  24. Kyle, I think you owe it to the readers to answer their questions about YOU not knowing how Baseball works EVERY YEAR…..

  25. Jesus Christ, thank God you’re some insignificant sports blogger and not an air traffic controller or something. Fuggin’ dope.

  26. I can’t believe you people, get a life already and quit thinking you’re gods gift to blog comments. Your creative names and snarky remarks are no better than the fat kid in the back of the bus who thinks it’s cool to throw shit out of the window.
    You only continue to flood this site with page views and… OH NO something i think is stupid, I’m going to call him and idiot! yea that’ll teach him.

  27. It’s funny that you guys expect more out of Kyle, such as knowing the baseball waiver rules. Are you new here? He puts a bare minimum effort in to everything, no more and no less. If the “article” can’t be 75-100% Twitter screenshots and would actually require him to WRITE something he’s not interested. Remember that awesome merger with Buzz on Broad? How’s that going? Haven’t seen Drew around at all. This site is just a hobby for him because mommy and daddy will always take care of him. Speaking of which, it’s Friday so it’s probably almost time for him to head to mommy and daddy’s beach house now.

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