Somewhere, Chris Webber smiles (and calls a timeout).

Inquirer reporter John Mitchell is tweeting that Andrew Bynum will undergo a precautionary, non-invasive knee procedure in September. In Germany (?).

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Mitchell doesn’t say who is source is, but perhaps it was John Clark, who tweeted this news two days ago. Or the LA Times. Because they wrote an article about it in April. Details:

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is not interested in playing in the Olympics because he wants extra rest and also plans to undergo the same innovative knee procedure that Kobe Bryant had in Germany last summer.

"I've got to take care of my legs in the off-season," Bynum said Friday. "I've got some things planned for my knees…. I've got to do some therapy that I'm going overseas to do."

Bynum has undergone surgical procedures on each of his knees in recent years.

The procedure in Germany is much less invasive and marketed as Regenokine or Orthokine.


Now, as you can see, the procedure is non-invasive and precautionary. It basically amounts to a removal of blood to relieve inflammation. Not a huge deal. Bynum had it done over the All-Star break. But, Bynum’s history of knee troubles at a young age is concerning. Kobe had the procedure done at age 33, not 24. This is why my excitement over the deal is tempered a bit. There are health concerns, at a young age, with Bynum… and he’s a bit of a flake. Then again, so are half the stars in the NBA. So it might mean nothing.