It’s Not Looking Good For Mike Kafka, Foles Will Backup Vick

Convenient… he'll be easy to crop out. (Photo: Morning Call)

Mike Kafka's preseason has been less than promising.

After fracturing his hand in the August 9th preseason game against the Steelers, Kafka hasn't been able to get back on the field. Combined with Mike Vick's rib injury, it's been nohing but Nick Foles and Trent Edwards behind center.

Andy Reid's spoke to the media earlier, and his comments today suggest Thursday's game against the Jets will be more of the same. 


Surely, this didn't make Kafka feel any better.


Several beat writers mentioned that Thursday's plans weren't set in stone, but if nothing changes, Kafka won't have another opportunity to prove himself before Friday's roster are cut from 75 to 53 players.

With the surprising play of Nick Foles (36-for-57, 507 yards, 6 TD's 2 INT's) and the experience of Trent Edwards as a starter, my guess is Kafka won't make the final cut. Kafka's fate is affected directly by Foles, who many have called on to start over Michael Vick.

Vick is injury prone (not in the classical sense, he just tends to put himself in stupid situations where he gets hurt), but it's fucking insane to think that Foles, who has played against backups a good chunk of the time, is ready to lead the Eagles.

Most of the people on the Foles bandwagon are the same people who want to win a Super Bowl this year (and every year). No matter how good Foles is now, or will be in the future, he's not going to get the city a Lombardi trophy this year.

However, I will say this: If Foles is the true number two to Michael Vick, he will get a chance to win a regular season game this year. I'm not a believer that Vick can change his ways and avoid injury…

…and you probably aren't either.

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  1. If Kafka is injured, put him on IR for the year. Let him continue to learn and get his “mental reps” (a favorite term of his) while the Vick-Foles saga plays itself out. Then, when (yes… when) the Birds cut Vick next March, they will have Foles, Edwards and Kafka as their three QBs going into camp next year.

  2. Report on WIP said The Eagles are shopping Edwards…playing 3 quarters to showcase him for a trade.

  3. Vick has the same chance as Foles to win the super bowl this year, and that is 0%. The people who want foles, like myself, think there is no way Mike Vick can ever win a super bowl, so why not get the kid some experience in the hope that maybe the eagles struck gold like New England did with Brady in the 6ht round, as one example

  4. hey fuckheads. Here’s how it’s going to pan out:
    Temporary rotation:
    1 – Vick
    2 – Foles
    3 – Edwards
    cut – Kafka
    …Edwards traded in the near future to another squad for a high draft pick.
    …Kafka is resigned as 3rd string.
    QB Depth by week 3:
    1 – Vick
    2 – Foles
    3 – Kafka
    Let me write your fucking articles for you. Notice how I used FUCK there – much like your stupid usage of it in this last entry?

  5. Kinda makes you wonder why Reid drafted Kafka in the first place. In any event, the writing is on the wall and Kafka won’t survive the final cut if he won’t even play in Thursday’s less than meaningless preseason finale.

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