LA Kings Twitter Account Suddenly isn’t Funny Anymore

The LA Kings’ Twitter account, whose witticisms we enjoyed this spring during the Kings’ Stanley Cup run, took aim at Philadelphia yesterday. And it wasn’t pleasant. 

Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 12.06.59 PM

– slumps shoulders –


12 Responses

  1. LA are winners. The coke heads got it done in hockey, now we will see if the wife cheating sex maniac Victorino & Fat Fuck joe can get it done

  2. That sort of blather is only unpleasant if you allow it to be. And I refuse to play that game. In other words, who gives a damn about the Kings’ Twitter account?

  3. Vice President in command of the GnA Falcons
    Y do u even leave comments on here everything you say is idiotic

  4. They really weren’t funny to begin with. Just a smug douchenozzle who needs a beating. Undoubtedly that guy is as quiet as a mouse when not protected behind his keyboard

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