Let’s Talk about Jimmy Rollins’ Half-Assed Effort Yesterday (Video and Twitter Reactions, Too)

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Yeah, let’s. 

To be honest, I didn’t see it live yesterday when Jimmy Rollins grounded out weakly to Jose Reyes in the sixth inning of the Phillies-Marlins game. I used to use this whole work for yourself thing as an excuse to watch day games. But not anymore. I’d rather spend the time writing a blog post or creating an invoice. You know, trying to make money or something.  

Anyway, I imagine most of you have joined me on this boat. Part of the reason is because the Phillies are very bad this year and, after watching five straight years (hell, 10) of highly-competitive baseball, seeing this slop product is a real letdown. The other part is that most of the Phillies look like they don’t give a shit. Players who were once young and hungry, that usually played a brand of baseball worth emulating, have now gone the way of so many high-paid athletes before them– through the motions.

Enter J-Roll™.

My Dad has always loved Rollins. Loved his speed. Loved his defense. Loved the fact that he often stepped up when the lights were brightest. I’ve fought my Dad on this point, citing the fact that Rollins often has a misguided approach at the plate, is stubborn, often too outspoken and, even after being benched a few years back for not running out a groundball, still gives less than 100% effort on his treks to first base. We’ll disagree on those points for the rest of time… but at least I now have a new card to play.

As most of you are aware by now, in the sixth inning yesterday, Rollins grounded to Reyes (who was playing back and not in great position to make a play on a speedy runner) and lazily jogged (even that might be too strong a term) down to first.

As you can see after the jump, J-Roll™ heard about it on his Twitter after the game [includes video of the play, with six different broadcasters having a problem with Rollins’ effort]. Step over with me.


Rollins run from Kyle Scott on Vimeo.


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  1. I’m with you Kyle. As great as J-Roll WAS…he is a shell of his former self, and has a real Ricky Waters “for who, for what” mentality anymore. It’s sad. I hope he goes in the off-season.

  2. What kills me about this is Jimmy is the first to call out fans if they aren’t cheering hard enough, or supporting them enough, or if they leave a game early because the Phillies are playing half ass. And then he pulls crap like this. If he expects fans to give him their 100%, then he should do the same.

  3. The tweet from Joe Hipp makes you think… He tweets J-Roll on a DAILY basis of ridiculous things he wants him to do with his family. By all means, Kyle, that would make a great story on your site. Follow his tweets from now, to last year, and look at how many times he tweets absurd things to Rollins. Jimmy probably thinks he has a stalker…

  4. Trade that motherfucker… you get to dog down the first base line when you bat better than .246 and it’s not A FUCKING ONE RUN GAME. Making $11 million and can’t show a little hustle? That son of a bitch.

  5. Good example Jimmy!!! Shane would hustle his ass down the line regardless but that is just awful!! Imagine if Reyes botched the throw, ah no worries, you’d be on first instead of on second in scoring position!

  6. Hey Jimmy Rollins either (A) sit out the rest of the season to “rest your legs” or (B) hustle, you are vastly overpaid (as are all MLB players) and your effort is pathetic. Yes this season may not lead to the world series, but staying sharp is what will lead you into a strong off season and fresh start into next year!
    No excuses for playing like that, NONE.

  7. You know, that was something Victorino used to always do – run to first. Same thing with Pence, although his wasn’t really a run as much as it was some sort of awkward, lanky, speed gallop. However, that being said, every players should run to first base – with the exception of Howard. He shouldn’t run anywhere for the next six months.

  8. I hear ya Katie – Jimmy complained after Gm 2 of the playoffs last year that the fans weren’t loud enough. The fans coma had nothing to do with blowing a 4-run lead and seeing a scoreboard like this 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0
    He bitched again when the fans left during a game and missed a comeback a few weeks – hey DOOSH – after 2/3s of a season w/o comebacks, the fans lose faith.
    He was snarky when the sell-out streak ended.
    When I listen to these dolts this year I hear quotes like “we’re having a down year” – “one bad season out of 6…”
    this is NOT a bad season
    this is TOTAL shit, cluster fuck of a season – $178 million payroll – missing the playoffs is a bad season – being 19 games out in early August – is a FUCKING DISGRACE…
    this team flat out quit

  9. Finally saw the angle I wanted to see about one minute into the video..
    Jimmy No Hustle

  10. Jimmy doesn’t have that mad dawg in him. Lazy mother fucker who should have never resigned.
    Oh yeah & Katie get the fuck off this site!! I just threw my mountain dew against the wall in anger. Men only site, cunt

  11. This is nothing new.
    Imagine what he could have been for our team all these years if he just tried to hit singles and flew to 1B.
    Great contract Rube.

  12. J-Roll I get paid one tiny fraction of what you make yet I am supposed to bust my ass and then expect to pay money to watch your lazy ass. How much money do you need anyway?? I am glad you got your money. As a veteran, you are supposed to be an example to the clubhouse. No wonder the rest of the team has a lackadaisical attitude. You a part of the reason why this team is a disaster this year.
    @3 Finger Lenny. Seriously dude what is your problem? You need some anger management.

  13. I didn’t want the Phillies to pay too much for Rollins. He was making unreasonable demands based on a quality of play he hadn’t shown in years. He had a shitty first half of 2009, missed a lot of 2010 and 2011 with injuries. What is that contract based on? 2008? 2007? I thought baseball was a goddamn business and not sentimental.
    Bench him for a week. It’s not like it will make a difference in the standings. Suspend him. DO SOMETHING. He’s the fucking self-declared leader.

  14. Wish the team had a manager that wasn’t everyone’s buddy and actually had some control over his players.

  15. Why are people in an uproar now? This guy has been stealing money in this town since his flukey MVP season. Let’s call it like it is, he had minimal impact in them winning in 2008 and has been a drain on this team ever since. No hustle, no effort. Just the standard old Jimmy Rollins.

  16. I agree, he should run more. But imagine the reaction if he ran really hard for a close play and was just barely called out, then ended up getting hurt like Howard last season? haha The reaction would be pretty much the opposite we see here right now : “why is he running so hard there it was obviously going to be an out” etc. The baserunning thing is frustrating, but it’s also annoying that all that ever comes up when you hear about Rollins is “he doesn’t run anything out and he pops everything up.” A lot of people want Rollins out, but there’s a dearth of shortstops out there right now. Honestly, believe it or not Rollins is a top 7 -top 10 shortstop, at worst, currently. And if you look at the guys ahead of him they’re all gonna get paid way more than 3/33.

  17. As a fellow leadoff hitter who runs EVERY hit out, I can’t understand how a player would not WANT to. It’s not even an option! RUN. EVERY. HIT. OUT. The game is not perfect, every field/stadium is laid out differently with different angles, grass & dirt, & no player is perfect. The ball can bounce any which way, can be dropped, can be overthrown. What embarrasses/infuriates me is that the score was 2-1 with 1 out. We all know the Phils aren’t likely to make the playoffs…and I say “likely” because the Cardinals were 10 games out last year with less to play today than the Phillies. ANYTHING can happen. What if they suddenly found themselves a game out from the WC spot at the end of the season? Sure, the Cardinals had an overall better team to make their improbable run last year, BUT ANYthing can happen. “What ifs” shouldn’t ever be born because of a player who was dogging it. God forbid they make a miraculous run and come up short only to look back on a moment like this. I am a Jimmy Rollins fan and this just makes me feel very disappointed.

  18. Chase Utley seems to be the only one on the team not dogging it. Even with bad knees… Love that man!

  19. Matt, he’s a professional athlete. I think he can run 90ft without fear of injury, especially for $11mil a year.

  20. Face it. The Phillies aren’t in it this year. I know a lot of people might not realize that, but I’m not why everything thinks they need to grind out the season this year with maximum effort. Doing that could jeopardize their legitimate chances next year.
    I don’t want starters pitching complete games, especially when we have a young, promising bullpen that needs to get experience. I don’t want our most important players straining every game when each additional win is only for posterity. I don’t want players with injury histories playing extra games that could take away from their ability to be ready for next year.
    Maybe I’m being too realistic on this and not being enough of a “fan”. Maybe I just like Rollins a lot and am defending him. But ultimately, I still think that the Phillies chances for next year need to be maximized when you consider the near-impossible feat of overcoming the hole they have dug for themselves.

  21. Brian, I agree he can probably do that…that misses my point though. And by that logic, Ryan Howard should have never hurt his Achilles. I was just pointing out the ironic reaction that would take place if that were to occur, and that we spend way too much time complaining about Rollins. He, as a player, is not the problem on this team. The problems are: an inconsistent starting rotation due to injuries and a strange year for Cliff Lee, Howard and Utley being out half the year, a terrible bullpen, and an inconsistent outfield. Rollins has been fine when you compare his production to other major league shortstops. We spend way too much time complaining about a player who, in reality, is an above average player.

  22. thats pathetic. team leader? what kind of message does that “effort” send? take him out of the leadoff spot. i don’t need a leadoff guy trying to hit homeruns every at-bat.

  23. But I gots 41 lead-off HRs – whats else you white mutha-fuckas want?
    You axing me to hustle too?

  24. j-roll should be batting 8th in this lineup (yes the same lineup with kratz & fransan) because then his pop ups would not matter….he trys to hit a homerun every swing which is why every year we notice him ground out and dog it to first base because he is in full home run trout everytime. The guy has refused to change his approach at the plate he should have 6 home runs and instead trying to bat .275-280. with more steals and better .OBP instead he is poor mans willie mayes hayes……great glove still

  25. a lot of valid points made in this comment section, but in my opinion, eric at 11:37a.m. hit the nail on the head! for years such asinine style of play has been occurring. however, it tends to show more in a losing season like this one. in the past and even now, rollins, werth, victorino, pence, and the list goes on and on would do one dumb ass thing after another leaving us scratching our heads as to why?? its simple….charlie created and still does operate an accountability-free environment. all we hear about is how these players love him and are so loyal to him. they love him because they know they can pull shit like yesterday without any real fear of reprimand. while he should be benched, it won’t happen. so, if you’re going to blame the clowns here, blame the ringleader as well. btw, i’m still laughing at the “as a fellow lead off hitter” comment! ahh, that was priceless.

  26. What gets me is when he gets into the dugout and gives that look…. its a “yeah i didnt fucking run” look. I felt that this rollins deal in the offseason was a mistake, i would prefer an unknown young kid or an unknown old guy(kinda like kratz or frandsen). But jimmy has been doing this for too long to get on him now. that dont mean i like it though

  27. Raise your hand if you’re complaining about Jimmy “not hustling,” yet you regularly cut corners every day in your job and home life.
    Stop projecting idealizing notions of hustle and grit onto the certain players, but not others.
    And fucking stop it with the thinly-veiled racism.

  28. Let him run to first base all the time like utley. and he’ll get utley knees. Or he’ll be hurt and not tell the team he’s hurt and miss the first 2 months of the season. But interestingly Utley can play everyday now? What was he doing in the offseason……

  29. Which would you rather?
    a). Jimmy Rollins jog on a routine groundball, the defender bobble it but still throw Rollins out at first by half a step. In this situation, it is assumed that Jimmy Rollins would be safe running full speed.
    b). Jimmy Rollins run full speed on a routine groundball, the defender play it perfectly, throw Jimmy out at first, and Jimmy strains or ruptures his hamstring on a routine play, thus causing the Phillies to be without the 11th best offensive shortstop in baseball this season (link: http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=ss&stats=bat&lg=all&qual=300&type=1&season=2012&month=0&season1=2012&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&sort=16,d) and one of the top defensive shortstops in baseball (http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=ss&stats=fld&lg=all&qual=y&type=1&season=2012&month=0&season1=2012&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0) who is being payed below market value this season (Jimmy is being payed $11M this season and has put up 3.1 wins above replacement this year; market value for one win above replacement is $4.7M, so therefore, if we multiply 4.7 million times 3.1 WAR, we find that Jimmy Rollins has been worth $14.57M this season TO THIS POINT; it will without doubt be more by season’s end)
    The choice is yours, but the risk/reward analysis here is quite simple. You are much better off conceding the 99% chance of an out as opposed to creating an unnecessary risk of running out a routine groundball only to injury yourself and hurt the team on the 1% chance the defender flubs the routine groundball.

  30. Shit, the links don’t work. You can go to FanGraphs.com, click “leaders,” click “SS,” and compare Jimmy Rollins for yourself. You’ll be surprised.

  31. When you lose, shit like this gets noticed.
    Jimmy trotting down 1st,
    Here’s a few more:
    Charlie making BONEHEAD Decisions,
    T-Mac makes more errors than Pence,
    T-Mac blowing a load when a ball doesn’t even make it to the Warning Track,
    T-Mac rubs elbows (while smiling) with Wheels before every Broadcast,
    T-Mac has Man Tits,
    A clueless Mayberry looking like he’s swinging a sledgehammer vs Right-Handers,
    Juan Samuel sends everyone from 3rd to Home no matter where the fucking ball is,
    Mayberry’s RAG ARM,
    Mayberry not knowing which base to throw to,
    There’s a couple things people didn’t mention last year, or the previous 3.
    Did I miss anything?

  32. Shit!
    People are even ragging on Kyle’s blog more than ever…….it’s all because the Phillies are fucking losing!!

  33. love the apologists here
    1 – never run hard unless you are 100% sure you will be safe because you might get hurt
    2 – other people slack off in their jobs
    3 – you are a racist if you criticize the black guy
    1 – if you run hard all the time, you make the defender work harder or have to hurry the play which can cause mistakes – team ‘leaders’ are supposed to hustle
    2 – other people don’t make $11 million a year to play a game – hit .246 and not hustle
    3 – I so don’t give a shit about that stuff anymore – what a shit argument
    it was a 2-1 game – Doc (one of the hardest working guys in baseball) was pitching – what a shit move by Jimmy to Doc
    this team keeps saying it hasn’t quit – 2-1, barely jogging to first in a 2-1 game – yeah, you fucking quit Jimmy Pop

  34. you can put any god damn scrub player and start him for 12 years straight and he’d have the same numbers as jimmy, he wore out his welcome years ago .. he should be a walk in for the hall of fame and 3000 hits with the playing time he’s gotten over the years

  35. The problem is not the players….ITS THE LAZY ASS MANAGER , who refuses to get up in the players shit..He has lost the team., he makes bad decision ater bad decision. .Rollins sucks Howard sucks Wigginton sucks , Nix sucks , this whole team needs an enema. Start with Amaro..

  36. he was like ye yo f dis yo like forreal run? run? for hat? why? i aint doin dat. bout to get me some kfc from da clubhouse

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