Michael Irvin Would Like Bill Belichick’s Name Added to the Lombardi Trophy

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Michael Irvin opened his mouth and, predictably, nothing smart came out. 

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Irvin said that, if it were up to him, the Lombardi Trophy – you know, the thing given to the Super Bowl winner and never the Eagles – would include Bill Belichick’s name: [Boston Herald]

“I think the world of Belichick,” Irvin said. “I told him this, ‘Man, if it was up to me, that trophy would be called the Lombardi/Belichick.’ I don’t care what they think. It would be called the Lombardi/Belichick. That’s how good he is to do what he’s doing in this day and age, what the league is now. I would call it the Lombardi/Belichick.” 


Or, it could be called the We Totally Spied and Knew What Other Teams' Plays Were Coming trophy. That would work. So would Coke and Hos Trophy, in honor of Irvin. Just suggestions.

via Pro Football Talk

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7 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, and Mike would also like some cocaine to smoke out of his cousin’s crackpipe while he’s torturing white hookers!

  2. Come on – to say with a straight face that the Patriots only won because of “spygate” or whatever is silly. He is a great coach and he has had stupid good defenses for years – stop with the general “Eagles would have won” backhanded stuff – makes you look bad.

  3. @Gray
    fair enough. but it should be noted that prior to being exposed for spygate the pats won a lot of close games in their championship runs, including their 3 superbowls i believe all won by one field goal.
    wasnt like they were blowing teams out. having some knowledge of the other teams plays is worth at least a 3 point difference.

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