Michael Schwimer is Pissed Off

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 9.40.57 AMAnd I thought the time I spelled it "Schwimmer" was bad, pic via (@IUPmike)

Michael Schwimmmmmmmmer is mad, yo. According to a report by CSN’s Jim Salisbury, Schwimer and his career 4.62 ERA were disproportionately upset about their most recent demotion to baseball’s incubator: [CSN Philly]

According to multiple sources, the demotion did not sit well with Schwimer. Two sources said the pitcher had recently complained of a sore arm and believed he should have been placed on the disabled list instead of being sent to the minors. Schwimer apparently made his feelings known to club personnel.


One source (who I’m convinced is Rich Dubee) told Salisbury that Schwimer had been “making noise about his arm hurting and getting a second opinion.” That’s code for whining. He had been whining.

Schwimer’s anger most likely stems from the fact that he will no longer receive substantially higher Major League pay while in the minors. When on the DL, players still receive their full compensation, which for Schwimer is paid at the rate of the league minimum, $480,000.

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  2. i’d be pissed too if my ERA was 4.62. put some ice on that arm and shut up. if he was a decent pitcher he wouldn’t have been sent down.

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