Michael Vick Just Has a Bruise

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Friend of the Eagles
Inquirer Eagles beat reporter Jeff McLane relays the following bit of information on Michael Vick:

I'm hearing that Michael Vick has no additional problems in his rib area after MRI and CT scan. Will be prob be brought back slowly, though. 


The Eagles say it's just a contusion.

Good news, I guess.  Now we’ll just wait to see what body part he injures next. I call dislocated non-throwing shoulder!

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28 Responses

  1. I sure hope he knows, this is ONLY preseason the Dmen move even faster in regular season…LET ALONEEE the playoffs if he hopes to get there…..

  2. no doubt vick will be shut down the rest of preseason, which means he will enter the start of the regular season having gone 4-7 for 11 yards and that includes just one completion to a starting WR! this offense will be out of sync. good thing we’re playing cleveland opening weekend.

  3. “This site is for serious commenters”
    Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Claude must not read comments in this blog, nor the blog at all.
    I’m ready for the Nick Foles era after Vick is concussed in the Steelers game week 5

  4. I’m guessing Ray Lewis already has that game circled on his calendar. I’d bet a year’s pay Vick’s season ends against Baltimore.

  5. Cheers to the Philadelphia Eagles organization for providing their players with proper equipment to safeguard against any injury. Flyers, take notes.
    Big meeting with the Flyers brass on Friday. Mr. Lenny please be at my house by tomorrow at 8:00 pm sharp as we need to finalize our game plan.

  6. Mr. Murphy,
    Over the last year or so, your researchers have worked tirelessly to zero in on just what happens to a player’s brain when it is subjected to multiple collisions each with the force of a car crash. Eddie Snider has ignored equipment negilance/player safety for too many years.
    After reading over the Murphy files, It was nice to observe that you are very close to a new helmet which would allow your research team to measure the movement of the player’s skull with a high degree of Sensitivity. God knows we don’t need more ex flyers (i.e. Pronger) suffering from depression and other symptoms of early onset dementia caused by the repeated blows to the head that flyers endure over the course of their careers.
    /s/ 3 Finger Lenny

  7. Three finger and Eddie Murphy,
    You morons can’t be serious. First of all, pronger got hit with a stick in the eye. It had nothing to do with his helmet. You two need to get your heads out of each others asses.
    And cut us a break with the “meeting” bullshit. I guarantee murph and three finer are the same person, sitting in his moms basement trolling the Internet. He probably jerks off to his own comments. You need to get a life three finger murphy.

  8. Mr. D,
    First and foremost, it is Edward. I can tell that you are new to the blog. Although, I have great admiration for Mr. Lenny, I can assure you that we are not the same human being. Mr. Lenny is a person that you should aspire to be more like. A few other corrections, as you are blatantly misinformed on many issues that I will tackle one by one. Mr. Pronger was hit with a stick, which would have been avoided had he worn a face shield. Secondly, Mr. Pronger was hit an additional time, when his face was driven into the boards. If he was not wearing a cheap, plastic helmet at the time, he would not have suffered a second concussion. Allow me to educate you some more, a second concussion prior to the brain healing from the initial concussion is what leads to long lasting symptoms, which Mr. Pronger is currently suffering from. We need to work on your education of post concussion syndrome moving forward. The man’s life is in ruins and you might make light of the situation, but I will be damned if I just sit around and allow it to continue without trying to be part of the solution. Whether or not you believe that we have a meeting with the Flyers upper management is your choice. However, I will state, that your ignorance on the topic will not get you anywhere in life. When you have over 500,000 signature of concerned individuals, a management of any organization would be extremely ignorant to not address the issue at hand. What we hope to gain from the meeting, is a triage that will disrupt and dismantle the injury epidemic that has hit the NHL. As for your other comments, I feel sorry that the youth of America continues to act like immature children. Take the first step in growing up by apologizing for your immature, uneducated comments.

  9. 3 Finger Lenny is the biggest pos poster on this blog. Now Lenny is preaching player safety, give me a break loser troll.
    Go back to calling people pussies & telling females to get in the kitchen for voicing their opinion! Lol

  10. Don’t these guys have a union or something that can argue for better, safer equipment? Why get involved? I think there are nobler causes than your “Save the Athletes” campaign.

  11. Eddie Murphy is always talking about Flyers helmets in these comments. I think it’s a joke. Tough to tell because it’s not funny like a joke should be.

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