Morning… Wood?: Vance Worley Is An Asshole Edition

He's pitching like someone who should wear this uniform. (Photo: Phuture Phillies)

Look… I understand the Phillies are 10 games back with 33 games to go. I get it when ESPN tells me that their playoff chances are 0.1 percent… those aren't very good odds.

But there's still a reason to watch, and Phillies fans will hold on to any hope so long as there is a chance, and I'm a part of that contingent of folks. Going into Tuesday night, they won four in a row including a sweep of the best team in the league the team with the most wins in Major League Baseball.

And then losses like this last night happen… against the Mets, and it's a reminder of how things this season have just not gone right.

You can blame B.J. Rosenberg last night for giving up four runs in the 10th, but there's a bigger culprit and his name is Vance Worley.

It's not just last night, either. The Phillies have lost four of the last five games Worley has started, with the lone exception being an 11-inning victory against the Cardinals, something Worley had nothing to do with.

He hasn't been able to pitch into the seventh inning in any of those starts and gave up four runs four times. Last night, he gave up three base hits to start the game and only lasted 60 pitches after being pulled. All of this happening after Ryan Howard gave him plenty of insurance with a first inning grand slam. Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer provides some more discouraging numbers.

The 24-year-old pitcher's ERA climbed to 4.20. His ERA over a five-start span is 6.75 and 5.80 in his last 11 starts. Whatever way the numbers are twisted, ugliness persists.


So… instead of putting the Phils in a position to gain a game on the St. Louis Cardinals, who lost last night to the Pirates, Worley fell short of the mark again. The bullpen faltered late to a guy named Kelly, and… you've read this before, haven't you? Well… maybe the "guy named Kelly" part is different.

It's not like the Phillies are playing terribly. Their play since the All-Star break is, if nothing else, encouraging. It surely could be worse… you could look like this chick.


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30 Responses

  1. How about blaming it on Manuel for not bringing Papelbon in for the 4 out save when bastardo gave up the tying run to a RHB. This kind of stuff has been happening all year and you guys continue to give Manuel a pass.

  2. I agree. Manuel should have brought in Papelbon in the 8th. I don’t know why he’s so afraid to use his 50 million dollar closer for four outs when needed.

  3. Check the following site out. It gives recaps of each phillies game and actually knows a little bit about baseball unlike this site.
    The Phillies were leading the Mets tonight by a score of 5-4 with two outs and the tying run on first base in the top of the 8th inning. Antonio Bastardo was on the mound, and the batter was RHB Kelly Shoppach, who owns a career .889 OPS vs. lefties but only a .658 number against RHPs. Had Manuel removed Bastardo for a right-handed pitcher, the Mets would have pinch-hit Josh Thole or simply let Shoppach face a righty. Since there were two outs already and since Jonathan Papelbon had the previous two days off, he is the obvious choice to face Shoppach/Thole (and then remain in the game for the four-out save).
    If using Papelbon for more than one inning was absolutely out of the question, then either Phillippe Aumont or BJ Rosenberg could have been used to face Shoppach. Even if Shoppach were removed and LHB Josh Thole got to face a right-handed pitcher, you’d still be replacing Shoppach’s .889 OPS-vs.-lefties with Thole’s .708 OPS-vs-righties.
    In other words, the only unacceptable option available to Manuel was allowing Bastardo to face the lefty masher, Shoppach. Guess what happened? Manuel left Bastardo in the game for Shoppach, Shoppach tied the game with an RBI double, and the Phillies never scored another run.
    Well done, Manuel. Now continue to hide behind Ryan Howard’s achilles as the reason your team is as awful as your management.

  4. Worley is hurt, pitching with bone chips in his elbow…jackass.
    If you want to blame someone, blame Amaro and the medical staff for not getting him surgery and making him pitch through injury in a wasted season.

  5. They should end Worley’s year and just get that elbow worked on.
    Manuel’s decision making with this bullpen, and his loyalty to declining players has hurt us all year.

  6. The blame can be placed on the whole organization. Worley has been pitching with bone spurs in his elbow since early in the season. Shut him down and close the gap that they have when he starts. Tyler Cloyd has been lighting it up in Triple A. Bring him up and see what he can do. Cant be any worse than how Worley has been his last 11 starts.

  7. No one is “making” Worley pitch. He has said he wants to keep pitching even with the elbow injury.

  8. I agree with the assessment in the 8th inning, but to me the issue is deeper. The entire mess started with Lindblom. He knew he had one batter to face in David Wright to lead off the 8th and he made NO ATTEMPT to get him out. He threw 4 slop pitches and walked Wright knowing that his night was done. You can’t win with guys like that. The guy wanted no part of the mound in that 8th inning, specially after “doing his job” in the 7th.
    You want guys in your pen who want the ball at all costs. It was pretty clear last night that Lindblom wanted no part of that 8th inning and he was the one that started this whole mess. Get rid of this loser!

  9. Not sure which one of us that was directed to fresh, but I’m talking forcibly ending his year. Tired of seeing his games, and he’s gotta be all out of any confidence he’s ever had.

  10. Is it my imagination or is he even fatter than last season? Doesn’t he look at Lee, Halladay and Hamels and think maybe there’s an advantage to being physically fit? I get that he has bone chips, but I don’t get why he isn’t in better shape. Some pitchers can be fat and effective but Heavy V looks like every movement is an effort. He’s not pitching deep into games carrying that load.

  11. Gillon, you’re a dumbass douchenozzle. Vance Worley is pitching for the Phillies while injured. The guy has been a work horse and class act at the league minimum. The Phills have decided to have him pitch while injured as their best option. This is not a Vance Worley decision. If you want to lay any blame on the season, lay it where it belongs. Amaro and Manuel. Amaro for giving Qualls a job. Manuel for poor BP management. Worley is an asshole for giving his best with bone chipped off in his elbow? What a dickhead comment. I’m going to smack you upside your huge skull if i see you come up from the basement today Junior.

  12. time to shut worley down. He sucks & is out of shape. would not shock me if he eats his way out of mlb within 2 years

  13. Your Mother, I think we’re soulmates! I use “douchenozzle”. Also, you’re going to argue that Worley is the best option when he’s been pitching like shit and Tyler Cloyd is doing well in AAA? We’re 10 games back and Worley’s been incompetent. Why NOT give Cloyd a shot? Finally, I’m 27, I’m not blogging from a basement, and you are SO remarkably tough for threatening me from behind your desktop at your job that you hate.

  14. RABBLE, RABBLE, RABBLE. Phillies suck this year, get over it. They are 8,000 games out of the wild card. Also, Charlie has never been a good situational manager and that was clear against the Giants two years ago and the Cardinals last year. They were constructed to live and die by the long ball, not managerial decisions. Are all of you people shocked that your lights go out when you lose power?

  15. Ryan – The FO could and should have shut Worley down earlier this season. he’s made a valiant attempt to pitch through injury but it’s more than obvious that it’s affecting him. The FO made this decision, not Worley. So what’s the point of calling him an asshole?

  16. he has loose bodies in his elbow. maybe we should just shut him down considering our chance are “0.1%” and let him recover for next season. in the mean time lets give him the benefit of the doubt for the recent decline of production.

  17. Yeah seriously – I was waiting for some kind of bad quote from Vance in the postgame after reading this headline.
    Get a clue. He’s been pitching hurt for how long now?

  18. Ryan, I am your mother, not your soulmate. You learned the use of the word “douchenozzle” from me (more than likely while telling your father to get me a beer to chase my J.D.). I’m not trying to be tough, but trying to teach you. As my son. I’m not arguing that Worley is the best option either. I’m arguing that this is a Phillies decision, not a Worley decision. Most young athletes will do as their bosses request. And as Worley has been nothing but a good employee thus far I feel this is the most likely scenario. At this point during this season I’d say Cloyd is the best choice too. I don’t agree with the choice to use him while pitching in his condition. Maybe I’ll make you a PBJ with chunky PB if you’re a bit nicer to Worley. Stop leaving your P.J’s on the bathroom floor young man!

  19. His elbow is hurt and he has fringy stuff to begin with. Shut him down and have the surgery. Cole Hamels had the same issue at the end of last year and is on record that Game 3 vs the Cardinals was 1 of the hardest games hes been in. Hamels got away with it because hes an ace. Worley is a very good 3-4 Blanton type starter.

  20. worley should be shut down to have surgery. bastardo should be shipped out like qualls. charlie seriously needs to think about continuing to put him in. papelbon makes too much money to not be able to get 4 outs. how can they sweep the nats and then lost this way to the mets?

  21. ryan gillon, when does kyle come back & get rid of your horrible myspace profile self picture that appears next to all your articles. hollister shirt & seashell necklace? and you expect the readers of this site to take you seriously?

  22. Sooooo fucking tired of looking at Bastardo and Manuel. Worley gets a pass, he’s hurt and trying to pitch through discomfort, that makes him a “gamer” not an asshole.

  23. worley has the same injury that cole hamels had for pretty much all of last season (bone chips in elbow). The difference is that cole hamels was throwing gems and worley is slop. Unless you are telling me that cole hamels is “tougher” than worley (no chance) then the problem is not worley’s injury, the problem is that worley sucks.

  24. Bone chips havent helped situation but didnt understand why you headlined with “worley is an asshole” if you said he acts like a former cy winner on the mound and puffs his chest every chance he gets, i’d understand. I respect a guy looking intimidating on the mound but i hink this guy goes too far, maybe a good #5 to have in your rotation but nothing more, his rookie year flash was just that. Maybe if he turned down the intemsity a little on the mound his glasses would stop fogging so much.

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