Nationals Manager Davey Johnson is Taking Great Joy in the Phillies’ Demise

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Well, Davey, you win.

Before the season, we poked fun at the Nationals manger’s opinion that his rotation was better than the three 1.5 Aces to his north. We were wrong. Davey and every. single. crater. in his face were right. The Nationals are better, all-around. And Davey is taking pleasure in it. 

Here’s what he told 106.7 The Fan in D.C. earlier this week: [D.C. Sports Bog]

“I have no sympathy for [the Phillies],” Johnson said. “Shoot, I’m still missing three key players — I’m missing Willy Ramos, Ian Desmond and Jayson Werth. They’re not in my lineup. So they’ve fallen on some hard times over there, and they had a little fire sale today, which was fun for me to watch.”

“No question about it,” the manager answered. “I’m gonna have a little conversation with Charlie — he’s an old good buddy of mine — and see how he’s weathered it over there. See how he likes looking up instead of looking down.”


My initial reaction was to make a mean and snarky comment, but then I realized that boasting about two wins for a last place club over the division leaders would be an oh so lame move, patented by Nats fans.

But we shouldn't worry. Sure, Johnson may have abducted our brilliant World Series closer before offing him once he was of no use, and the Phillies may be in a hole now, forced to watch the N.L. East burn at the hands of a guy with a disfigured face. But they'll be back. They'll make that jump. And it will be fear (of losing the sellout streak…) that propels them. Rise. Please, Phillies– rise. Rise so we don't have to accept verbal smackdowns from Davey Johnson, because that's a punishmen far more severe than finishing in last.

[Batman puns all week… and you're very welcome for this Bane soundboard]

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  1. Hey Richard head we will be back and we will take great pleasure in bombarding your stadium and letting you know how much we appreciate you’re comments! Oh and by the way your missing players don’t equal missing utley Howard halliday Lee etc!! Moron!!

  2. Tail between the legs now huh Kyle?
    Love the Phillies but anyone with half the knowledge of the game could see with the injuries going into the season, the terrible pick ups this offseason, and the age of the team that they were not going to be the best team in the NL East. I had them pegged as 4th. Braves, Marlins, Nats, Phillies, Mets…that order.
    Gotta give credit to the Nats. Rebuilt that team and should be a good team for years to come.

  3. “I TOLD YOU SO” thanks, puppy for that wonderful remark. you really added to the conversation.

  4. The amount of fans at the game last night was embarassing for a first place team. And half the people there were Phillies fans. Say what you want about Philly fans but if you win, they always show and buy lots of gear.

  5. Plenty of time for them to pull a mets/bravos/sox. Oh and look who we’re playing the last three games…I’d be totally into being the O’s of this years final day of the season.

  6. Why are you conceding the division to this band of wide eye basement dwellers…Look at the schedules… I don’t see the Nat’s holding off the braves in Chippers final season.

  7. The thought of this Gnats team doing anything significant outside of winning this division is laughable. Strasburgh’s arm will fall off, Zimmerman has shoulder inflamation, Gio can’t carry them…They will lose in the first round to whomever they play. Take that shit to the bank.

  8. He looks like Ed Wade fucked Don Knotts and one of them shit him out as their spawn

  9. “forced to watch the N.L. East burn at the hands of a guy with a disfigured face”
    joker or bain reference?

  10. The Nats are a joke! Look at the lineup they put out – Chad Tracy????? Roger Bernadina???? Danny Espinosa??? Lombardozzi???? Adam LaRoche????? And Willy Ramos and Ian Desmond stink! Give me a break. Their entire lineup is suspect.
    That team is NOT a 90+ win team and it will show by the end of the season – mark my words. It’s the Nats trying to be BIG again…kinda like a short guy driving a suped out/lifted pickup truck or the likes.
    Pressure is gonna be on come crunch time and I’ll enjoy seeing them fall out of the playoffs.

  11. Hey, does Johnson find it “fun to watch” a half-empty stadium take in his Nats at every home game?
    Most of the fans that were there last night were Phillies fans. The rest were cleverly disguised as blue seats.
    Actually win something before you get cocky, douche…

  12. Man, you guys are pretty butthurt about the Phils falling apart this year huh. Go ahead and attack the Nats lineup and the attendance since that’s all you have this year.

  13. I can’t wait until Strasburg and Harper sign with the Yankees and Red Sox respectively when the Nats choke in the first round every year.

  14. @yo, we still have the joy of playing spoiler. Be seeing you 10 more times this season.

  15. The Nats are lame because they’re lame. It doesn’t matter if they’re in first or last…they’re still lame.
    Fanbase = lame
    Natitude = umm, lamer
    Washington DC = corrupt and lame
    Nothing good down there in Natitudonal Place.
    Except for when Bryce Harper tried to catch Jimmy Rollins’ inside the park home run. That shit was awesome.

  16. The Gnats deserve little credit for their re-building effort. They are the luckiest franchise in decades. Lucky enough to draft 2 once in a generation prospects. I’ll give them credit for drafting both Zimmermans, finding Morse and Desmond though.

  17. @DC Cheesesteak I still respect the Phils as a team (can’t say the same about the phans), if they can spoil the Nats playoff changes, good for them. The Nats know that besting the Phillies is key in order to win the division
    @butthurt The weren’t lucky to draft Strasburg and Harper, they sucked at the right time haha. But good to know that you think 2 players (that are 19 and 24) are good enough to get the Nats to 15 games up over the Phils

  18. @Yo, did i say it was just those 2 who got them the lead over us? No, that’s why I gave credit to the drafting both Zims, finding both Morse and Desmond. Rizzo is a bitch but he’s made saavy moves. Edwin Jackson being another. That’s why they’re ahead of us. TARD

  19. The question now is, do we lay down for the Bravos again and make the gNatitude sweat? I’d love to spoil their gNatitude asses out of first place, even if they wind up losing it to Larry and the Bravos.

  20. Every time I see Davey Johnson, I can’t help but wonder when he’s going to keel over from some disease. Dude looks like he hasn’t eaten in weeks! Meanwhile, when the gNats win the World Series, then and only then can he talk smack.

  21. if they got such a natitude (it’s even stupid when you type it), why are all the seats behind home plate empty? have fun getting swept in the 1st round. they can talk when they actually win something. the Expos had better hats.

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