Nats Announcer Thinks Phillies Should Take Back Their Own Park

Whelp, Nationals announcers are making fun of us now… and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Last night, while the Nats took on the Astros in Houston (to a total viewing audience of about six), MASN announcer F.P. Santangelo took a swipe at the Phillies' attendance woes, flipping the script and saying it's the Phils who should take back their park:

“Their sellout streak ended tonight, apparently. 257 games.” 

It’s a great run…

“They’re going to have to take back their own ballpark.”



Video, which we fully expect to be removed from YouTube momentarily, via NBC Washington.

H/T to (@dcsportsbog)


85 Responses

  1. When these pussies can even get ONE sell out, that’s not against the Phils, then they can talk.

  2. Gee, how many sellouts have the Nats had this season (besides when the Phillies come to town)?
    Probably count them on my hands with at least a finger or two left.

  3. Yet we’re still 1st in attendance in the league while they sit at 15th. Real good for a 1st place team…

  4. Have they ever had a sellout streak above one game? I’m willing to bet any time they play us at home they pull one sellout out of the three games. I’m sure every home opening series has a sellout in the first game. Have they ever strung two together?

  5. We suck and still put more people in the seats then they do…..they should shut the fuck up on this subject….but they won’t cuz its the gNATS!

  6. That’s why Lexus spent all the money on putting their logo on the seats in DC – because with every pitch you can see 50 of them. We can’t sell that advertising in CBP.

  7. The Gnats have a long and storied history of 0 playoff wins ever. Best record in the regular season is meaningless. Ask the 2011 Phils.

  8. This post is going to have 257 straight comments that say, “they can’t even sell out one game.”

  9. So the Nats are having a Phillies kind of year in 2012, and the Phillies a Nats kind of year in 2012.
    Fair enough.
    I’ll be more impressed when the Nats have:
    -5 straight division titles, including
    -2 Pennants and
    -1 World Series victory, as well as
    -The longest sellout streak in NL history

  10. “They have one good season and they get all cocky. I hope the Braves beat them out for the division.”
    That’s probably exactly what people said about Phils fans. Lo and behold, the team has a bad year (due to injuries no less) and Phils fandom starts to wane. We have no one other to look to than ourselves as to why an announcer would say something like this. Certain people invited this by spearheading that asinine “take back CBP South” campaign.

  11. we don’t have to take back the park..I was there last night and I counted 10 Braves fans in the bank

  12. That’s funny.. Considering we average over capacity and they are only 70% full. We’re first in attendance… They’re 15th.

  13. 41,000 plus… on a Monday night, in prime vacation season… after a long, hot weekend… with the team 10 games below .500? Not too shabby if you ask me. Philly fans are the best in the world for a reason. It’s not like the sellout streak ended because they drew 16K. They missed another sellout by about 1,500 tickets. F the Nats!

  14. The Nats stadium only seats 41,546. Our attendance last night 41,655 would still be a sellout in their park

  15. I’m a Nats fan and I’m honestly surprised that the Phillies sell-out streak ended last night since, from what I’ve heard, Philly has been a srong baseball town since the WS win. I know none of you will care and love making fun of the Nats attendance but DC is far far away from baseball town. You should hear the flagship radio station talk about Redskins training camp all day while the Nats get nothing.

  16. I REALLLLLLLLLLLLY hope these douchebags are enjoying this season because they are seriously getting bitch smacked back to reality next season, they have one good season after years of sub-mediocrity and now they acting brand new…fraud ass fanbase.

  17. F.P. Santangelo is the worst TV color man. He makes Wheeler and Sarge look like Broadcasting HOFers. I live in the WMA and have listened to his verbal diarrhea one to many times than I would like to admit but the dude is missing a chromosome.

  18. Why do people feel the need to make stupid statements? I mean seriously? Ok I get the fact that your team is irrelevant and even though you are in first place the only way to draw attention to yourselves is to mock the Phillies but it is a little silly to say that the team that is leading league in average attendance needs to “take back their own park.” I mean you just sound foolish.

  19. who is this clown taking shots at the phillies? there’s nobody at their janky stadium to even acknowledge his stupid statement. it’s pathetic that a 1st place team can’t get a few thousand fans in the seats unless the phillies are in town. philly fans are the only reason that place hasn’t shut down yet. keep running your mouths. it will be that much funnier when you get run in the playoffs. go back to montreal. canada misses you guys.

  20. The Nats are the Rays of the NL.
    Their years of sucking which led to incredibly great drafts, a lot of good players and a really competitive team which is finally going to take shape. However, like the Rays, they have a fake fan base that will eventually cost them tons of money in revenue and in 3 or 4 years its going to be nothing but fire sales because they can’t pay anyone because Jayson Werth has a 20 year contract that their 10k fans are paying. Harper and Strasburg will be in Boston or NY; and FP Santangelo will be giving handies under the freeway for pocket change.

  21. It was still 60/40 last week when I was there. Our attendance in last place would top their playoff attendance. F.P. Santangelo was a bum when he played, so his opinion means nothing.

  22. i see a bunch of bandwagon phillies fans forgetting that the sorry phillies who have been around for more than a century have 2 titles. The Nats outdrew the phils in 05.
    Enjoy the cellar. You will be there for quite awhile.

  23. Here is a fun link,
    1 Philadelphia 54 2,408,715 44,605 102.2 55 33,670 75.6 109 39,088 88.7
    2 Texas 55 2,387,934 43,416 88.3 52 28,347 67.3 107 36,093 78.9
    3 NY Yankees 56 2,424,705 43,298 86.1 52 34,232 83.1 108 38,933 84.8
    4 San Francisco 55 2,294,865 41,724 99.5 53 32,949 73.8 108 37,418 86.5
    5 St. Louis 54 2,247,300 41,616 94.6 55 31,967 74.3 109 36,747 84.5
    15 Washington 54 1,598,448 29,600 71.3 55 33,004 75.3 109 31,318 73.4
    16 Atlanta 58 1,707,187 29,434 59.2 51 33,010 76.5 109 31,107 66.7

  24. @Natsfan – First, that is a weak statement. They barely out drew the Phils that year. Secondly, that was the Nats first season in Washington. They were the new thing to do, baseball back in the Capital, yada yada yada… Enjoy your time at the top it will be short lived.

  25. You are all dumb fucking idiots. Seriously. How bad do your anuses ache right now? Seems pretty bad.

  26. last time i saw F.P. Santangelo he was bobbing like a circus seal on his knees in front of strasburg and harper

  27. Phillies fans can’t talk about attendance. The Vet used to be more than half-empty on a regular basis.

  28. It takes a lot of balls to make this statement when their first place team can’t get a sellout on their own – only when Phillies fans show up. Anyway, we still have a higher attendance than those douchebags.

  29. They have a commanding lead in a usually strong division and still can’t sell out their stadium? Fuck the Nationals. They don’t even have fair weathered fans. They’re worse than Atlanta’s fan base.

  30. Oh, look, another DC-obsessed-with-hating-Philly-except-Philly-doesn’t-give-a-fuck “rivalry”

  31. Do you realize that Washington is building a fan base before your very eyes? There aren’t yet a million grown-ups wearing sweatpants from South Jersey that watch every game.
    Do you also realize that unlike Philly, there is a lot more to do in Washington than just go to baseball games?
    Being proud of attendance is like being proud of a third testicle.

  32. I see a lot of comments about “it takes a lot of balls when a first place team can’t get a sellout”. Just remember, the Nats are the new king of the east. I know that some of you will resist this truth, but over time you will succumb to the fact that the Nationals, are younger, more talented and better suited to be winners… oh yea, and the owners have the deepest pockets in MLB.
    Now I’m not saying that the Nats will win the WS this year (although lets face it, its a real possibility)… we are actually a year ahead of schedule. Im just saying that phily wont win a division title for at least 6 years.. probably longer though.

  33. Lay off the kool-aid Natsfan. “deepest pockets in MLB”. Please provide a link to said statement. While we won’t win this year, you’re delusional if you think we won’t be back for 6 years. With the revenue stream this team has, coupled with the fact that were staring at a billion dollar TV on the horizon, well be able bring in top notch talent! Add to that Philly has become a destination players want to play. So well be just fine fella!

  34. Do you realize that Washington is building a fan base before your very eyes? There aren’t yet a million grown-ups wearing sweatpants from South Jersey that watch every game.
    Do you also realize that unlike Philly, there is a lot more to do in Washington than just go to baseball games?
    Being proud of attendance is like being proud of a third testicle.
    Posted by: Utley’s Next Injury | August 07, 2012 at 02:39 PM
    -You just pulled all of that out of your ass with absolutely no information or experience. Seriously, building a fan base before your very eyes?? My eyes see 25,000 empty seats every night at “natitude” (Yeah, dude!) park.

  35. The Nats have averaged 29,600/game during their “breakout” season. That’s 71.3% at Nationals Park.
    The Phils have averaged 44,605/game during a season when they were pretty much out of it in early June. That’s 102.2% at CBP.
    Kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

  36. How the in f*ck do you need to “build” a fanbase when your city already has 3 major sport franchises(all of which suck, which should make it even easier to draw for a winning team) and once had a MLB team. This is fucking Wichita, Kansas, it’s a major northeastern city. Dipshit.

  37. “Do you also realize that unlike Philly, there is a lot more to do in Washington than just go to baseball games?”
    1) That is a ridiculously untrue statement.
    2) What you can do in DC costs 50-100% more than it does in Philadelphia.

  38. Since we are comparing franchise numbers and all, I’d like to point out that comparing the Phillies’ and Nats’ fanbases/attendance is like a Nats fan saying, “The Phillies have 68 more losing seasons than the Nats. Who sucks now?”

  39. “building” a fanbase in the Nats case would pretty much consist of bandwagoners jumping aboard when the team is finally successful. Very similar to Nats fans accussing phillies fans of being “08ers”.

  40. Since 2005, the nationals first season Phillies have:
    1)7 times a better record
    2)5 more Div titles
    3) One more World Series (to the Nats 0)
    Washington, D.C. All time World Series titles: 0
    Washington, D.C. All time N.L. pennants: 0

  41. In 70 years washington had 2 american league baseball teams both left and one became the twins and the other the texas rangers. enough said.

  42. Actually Rich, Washington D.C. does have a World Series title. I know you’re new to baseball, as much of Philly’s fanbase, but please do some fact checking before you make yourself look even more silly.
    And why did you discount the years 1883-2004??? That’s a lot of losing you left out pal 😉
    I absolutely love seeing the 08ers writhe like worms as their team decends back to where it has spend most of their pathetic existence… in the cellar

  43. I discounted those years because the nationals we’re not a franchise, thus leaving no comparison to the Phillies of those years. Comparing the Nationals to the Phillies franchise before the Nationals even existed invalidates that argument.

  44. NatsFan, You mentioned that D.C. does have a title. Now, I would be willing to admit i was misinformed if you would kindly provide the correct information, but you didn’t so, for the moment, you look just as silly as you claim I do.

  45. No, you discounted those years because Philly was just a pathetic perrenial loser with the exception of 1 stinkin year.
    Course you became a fan in late October 08, so you probably didn’t realize how bad that franchise is compared to other teams from that era.
    I bet the phils end up 40 gb this season…lol

  46. Natsfan, I informed myself further and found out that the Nationals go back a lot further than I thought. They DID win a title, and they also did a hell of a lot of losing as well. Why did you fail to leave this out? Anyway, here’s the scoreboard:
    Philles Titles: 2
    Nats titles: 1

  47. Gotta love these Johnny come lately chest thumpers, crowing about their precious gNats who, once upon a time were the Montreal Expos, a miserable disgrace of a team that carpetbagged their way out of Canada and quickly stank up the already putrid sewer that’s Washington until a little good fortune finally came their way this season.
    And now they’ve got some loser announcer who was a loser ex-player making jokes about our attendance? That’s laughable given the only time the gNats sell out their park is when the Phillies come to town. Perhaps these chest thumpers should wait until their team actually WINS the division or lands a playoff spot before they talk smack. Just saying. I for one am not convinced the gNats can seal the deal, and I’ll laugh out loud if they come up short.

  48. the team that won that ws also became the minnesota twins so technically that ws is part of their franchise.

  49. Are you guys in a chat room or do you know there will be no more posts today? Since this is the biggest news in the sports world? I guess?

  50. Maybe you could apply an analgesic to your anuses. (Ha ha, get it? Analgesic??) Anyway, I’m sorry for how pained you all are over this. Try to forget it and focus on the hope of a .500 season next year.

  51. Sell-out streak ends, yet we still have more people at one weeknight game than the gNats have all week.
    I’ll give ’em some leeway, they probably weren’t ready for the extremely good luck coupled with great breaks and, yes, some really good play that contributed to their success this season.
    This is like Davey Johnson trying to compare his injuries to the loss of the likes of losing Howard/Utley/Lee/Halladay/Polanco/now Chooch all during the course of one season. Halladay, Utley, and Howard all missed significant time and Johnson lost exactly two players this year for anything close to that amount of time.
    It is good, however, to see Jayson Werth back in action. Never got the hatred for him in these parts.
    This makes me almost want to lay down for the Barves and make the gNatitude sweat.

  52. It’s unfortunate that some humor-impaired Phillies fans can’t even tell the difference between Minute Maid Park in the clip above and Nationals Park, since so many of them claim to be so intimately familiar with Nationals Park from their many trips to DC.
    For the record, the Nats have had eight sell-outs so far this year, and they weren’t all Phillies games. Heck, even the last Phillies series didn’t sell out, and just because you see a sea of red in the stands doesn’t mean that’s all Phillies. I was at the last series, and we outnumbered you at the games. I guess it’s no fun to drive to DC anymore if you aren’t guaranteed to see a win or you can now get tickets at home.
    The Phillies have a long and fabled history, and no one doubts that they will come back from this year. Washington was without a team for 34 years. Those of us who waited in the wilderness for all those years are thrilled to have a team again. It takes decades to build the kind of fan base the Phillies have. Nats attendance is up 28% this year, second only to Miami in terms of the size of the increase.

  53. The nats fans can suck the corn outta my shitty asshole, then I want them to suck my dick while I stick a plunger up my asshole

  54. All these Nationals fans remind me of Phillies about five years ago when they started to get good.
    Anytime who accuse a Phillies fan of being an 08er, they immediately say, “I’m not a bandwagoner! I can name the enitre ’93 team!” Yet none of them can name more than a handful players from 1994 to 2005.
    Philadelphia and Washington are both shitty baseball cities. Theses fans, sorry ‘phans’, will head back into hiding once this Phillies team winds back up in last place for the next two decades.
    “But, we won a World Series!”
    Yeah, no one outside of the tri-state area cares.

  55. LMAO @ Shawn Turner. Curse the Internet for giving uninformed Idiots such as yourself a voice.

  56. I grew up in the Philly area but now live in Maryland and will be a life long Phillies fan forever (win or lose!). I do take in a Nats game on TV now and then and can tell you that their announcers trash the Phillies fans all the time. They have said that their stadium had to be “deloused” the last time the Philly fans were there and yes I was watching the game the other night when they snickered about the Phillies attendance. They and their General Manager (Rizzo) are desperately trying to start a rivalry with the Phillies and are clueless that everyone in Philly could care less about them! Their unprofessionalism on the air is disgusting. They are so desparate to be like the Phillies organization and to have the fans that Philly has that travel across the country to see their team play (every game that I have seen on TV that is an away game for the Phillies have several of their fan in the stands). If the Nats want to become a first class team and organization, their announcers should also be the same. I will laugh the day they get fired!

  57. Nats fans are sick of the Phillies fans. Turn about is fair play. Nats will own the Phillies for at least the next five years. You have no farm system and a bloated payroll full of aging free agent signings. Whatta mortgage your future with all your free agent signings. Nice job.

  58. Saw Solis pitch last night. It was an off night for him but 5 of the 6 hits were ground balls that found holes. One thing that is good to see is that the sink on his pthices induces a lot of ground balls, with 6 outs coming on ground balls (versus 3 fly balls). His GO/AO ratio has been very good all year at 1.58. He seems to be a ground ball machine and I think it will serve him well in his career. As his breaking pitch improves, he will become a lot more effective.

  59. Good to hear from you Vladi, except for NatsFan1A, not many from the old Blogfather crew at NJ post any more. Still have a half sesaon to go, so I want to see how Norris does. Everyone on that Scottsdale team seem to be sub par so far.Uh, Sue were those stats you quoted at the beginning of the post, football statistics from some game played in Washington yesterday?

  60. Appreciate the kudos, boys. When Mark touches upon the mnoris I’ll post on Insider, but for the most part I try to keep the membership here organic, i.e. folks that come here naturally or are encouraged by word of mouth. I hope that comes through when I mock the keyword stuffing for Harper.

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