NHL Dickishly Releases National TV Schedule, Briere Offers His Two Cents on the CBA

A smirk that could piss off any hockey fan.

As the September 15 deadline lingers, the NHL put out the 2012-13 national television schedule. As Travis Hughes of Broad Street Hockey points out, the Flyers have 25 games on the U.S. schedule.

Because I'm fairly confident the NHL won't begin until mid-December or so (the NHL won't put the Winter Classic in jeopardy), I'm putting the over/under at 15.

Yeah, the NHL needs to conduct business as usual, but is anyone really trying to hear this right now? Especially considering that the chances that a good number of these games won't be played, it's just another thing to infuriate hockey fans… it's working.

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News put it better than I could:


Danny Briere doesn't seem really confident in a new CBA either. CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio fired this series of tweets earlier while at the Flyers Skate Zone:


Six players, zero optimism… exactly what every hockey fan wants to hear. The NHL and the Players Association won't meet today after the league tweaked their proposal, but could get together tomorrow.

When I say "tweaked", what I really mean is the league took an intially shitty proposal, and made it a little less shitty. Changing a few words, throwing a few mill back at the players, and trying to set a $58 million cap (down from over $70 million) isn't going to fly. 

Countdown continues: 16 days.

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  1. Danny hopes there is a lockout so he can crush puss while his fat kids are in school. Kids def have their moms fat gene

  2. The players expect the worse? It’s the worst you friggen moron. If no NHL means I don’t have to read articles by or listen to Panaccio, then please, stay away. How the hell is he still working for Comcast? They must feel bad for him.

  3. Sick and tired of this lockout shit. Fuckin assholes. Start a new fuckin hockey league. Fuck em

  4. next CBA agreement(whenever that will be) should include something where it guarantees a few more operating years after expiration if no one can come to a fucking agreement. this sucks

  5. I’m Candy from the Oak, I like to post things that I think are funny and shocking, sadly, most of my posts are neither funny nor shocking. But I’ll keep trying… everyday… on every article of Crossing Broad.

  6. WOW, hockey is riding an all time high in popularity. They strike and it could take them another 5+ years to surpass the NBA in popularity again. Great job, way to ruin your sport morons. You may fall to the 5th spot nationally behind soccer if you dont get this straightened out!!!

  7. Kyle – does anyone know how the NHL salary cap is set? For example, the NFL’s cap is set by the money from the TV contract. Is the NHL the same way? The reason I’m asking is because the cap has continued to increase every year since the last lockout. Why would those increases be made or accepted if they weren’t feasible? They obviously weren’t feasible if they’re going to roll it back so drastically.

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