Jackass D.C. Radio Host Thought the Moment of Silence for Garrett Reid was “Absurd”

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Before last night’s thrilling preseason victory, the Eagles held a moment of silence for Garrett Reid. They also wore the initials GR on their helmets. Both actions were respectful, reasonable, and mostly subtle ways to honor the head coach’s son.

One person had a problem with that.

Apparent blowhard (honestly, I’d never heard of this guy until I started seeing some his inanity retweeted) Steve Czaban, a national sports talk radio host from D.C. with 20,000 followers, didn’t think it was appropriate.

His Tweets:

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Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 9.19.08 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 9.19.08 AM
Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 9.19.08 AM 

It’s mind-boggling how someone can have that reaction to a moment of silence. Garrett wasn’t known for being an “unqualified, low-level team assistant,” he was known for being Andy Reid’s troubled son, who died, presumably, within a few hundred feet of his father on Sunday morning. The forced public moment of silence came at an Eagles preseason game. You know, that’s the team Reid has coached for the last 14 years. It came, ostensibly, at his place of work. And while getting into comparing losses and tragedy is a silly debate, there’s a difference between Reid’s son dying and, say, a cornerback’s grandmother passing away of natural causes at the age of 92. But it doesn’t matter– moments of silence happen before many sporting events, often for people who had no attachment to the team or sometimes even the city. There’s no reason to debate them. There’s also no reason to debate the claim that Czaban is an asshole.

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92 Responses

  1. Low-life scum needs to check himself. The moment of silence showed respect for a man and his family who had to bury their son.

  2. I hope to one day meet this ass hat. I will beat the everloving shit out of him. What a piece of shit.

  3. Yea thus dudes a cocksucker, like u said reid died AT training camp. It affected the entire team and staff. Besides, he wasn’t at the game nor were the skins playing the birds last night so why the FUCK does he care? Definitely gonna hive this guy a follow a d verbally harass him.

  4. Ummmm, he is more well known for being a NATIONAL radio host for yahoo sports radio which makes his dumbass comments even worse.

  5. trolling radio host says something controversial to generate followers and attention? Surely this is the first time.

  6. Point 1: We don’t know the cause of death so any assumptions are absurd
    Point 2: There were moments of silence for people who died at a movie theatre why no for the son of our head coach?

  7. Point 3: Obviously, this guy is not a parent because Andy is going through every parent’s worst nightmare right now, having to bury someone designed to outlive him. This guy should at least be a person and show compassion for another human being who is in a world of hurt right now.
    Andy and his family are going through hell right now and to assume otherwise is just ridiculous.

  8. People are so clueless. The moment of silence was to honor and pay respects to the entire Reid family. What is so hard to understand about this? Ever since Garrett Reid’s passing I have seen plenty of dumb comments from people saying it isn’t sad because the kid had some problems. No one is telling anyone they have to mourn the son but there is no reason why you can’t show some compassion and sympathy for the entire Reid family. This man should be fired or at the very least reprimanded by his employer.

  9. Funny how the sports fan base in Philadelphia gets a bad rap, but comments from dickbags like Czaban get swept under the rug by the media.

  10. Unfortunately it is the family (and not the addict) who actually lives through the hell that is addiction. The Reid family’s worst fear has come true and I was actually proud of my city last night hearing the chants of Andy following the moment of silence.

  11. Im on the fence. If this was the Giants (the football team not the baseball team) people n sports talk shows would have a different opinion then they have know. If Reid died another way rather then overdosing this wouldn’t be a topic

  12. I was there last night I I thought it was absurd. Partially because the kid was a spoiled adult of a rich family with privileges who had serious contempt for those privileges which led to heroin use and drug arrests and subsequently a heroin overdose induced death, Partially because immediately before they honored Local heroes and fallen solders and immediately after they sang the national anthem. This moment of Silence was more for the Reid family and I get that but to give the death of their fortunate son the same reverence as the other things in that totem IS absurd.
    And any man that can’t keep his own house in order shouldn’t be coaching this team. I said it when he took time off for the first arrests and again for the drug charges that landed his son in jail and I’m saying now. Reid should go.

  13. I wonder what brilliant remark his ass hat made after the Colts observed a moment of silence when Tony Dungy’s son committed suicide.

  14. Football just really isn’t all that important, yet its the central reason for harboring a sexual predator for years and now basically costing a family their son’s life. When does it end? Reid should be with his family right now I don’t care if he is a football coach and that’s what he does. He failed in being there the first time by taking a leave of absence for what, a month? GO BE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND HEAL TOGETHER before someone else succumbs to neglect. Because addiction is all about neglect. I know, I was there.

  15. Its 10:30am.
    Reading his @ mentions, no one has tweeted him in 20 minutes?
    Am I seeing that right?
    If so, I’m disappointed in “Us”.

  16. A father who probably knew he was on drugs but turned a fat cheek. No to long ago he got caught with drugs in jail Go back to saving cats n shave your puss. You look fuzz

  17. I bet a lot of people said why are they praising Whitey Houston who was a druggie

  18. of course he knew. parents are basically powerless when it comes to addiction. They can only hope and pray but it is only the addict that can make the change. no one deserves to lose a child. we will have to agree to disagree here.
    Oh and by the way my kitty is a hairless one but that was a real nice try.

  19. You’re missing the point Candy.
    I’m with you. Addicts blow. Eff ’em.
    The silence and the outpouring are for THE REIDS and Andy.
    NOT Garrett.
    You probably know that, but you’re just trying to be outrageous.

  20. Drug addict dies of an overdoes. Happens 100’s of times a day. Why does he get the moment of silence? His troubled past stems from being the son of a NFL coach. How does it make sense to honor him in the same scene that essentially killed him?

  21. I’d sucker him in the back of the head if I ever see him out. Tune him up a bit until he shows some respects to a grieving family

  22. @ Fatty.. I hooked you up.. responded to the douche and mentioned him in my own tweet. 🙂

  23. In England, it’s not uncommon for some soccer clubs to hold a full minute of silence for an ex-player who died of natural causes in their 80’s. Or an usher who worked at the stadium for 25 years. A full minute, Czabe.
    DC United (a team in your own city, asshole) has held moments of silence for various people throughout the years, some of whom the rabid DCU fans may not even have known.
    So yeah, 10 seconds for the coaches’ son seems wholly appropriate. Maybe even not enough given the circumstances. And just because you found an example where a Redskin player had premature twins, one of whom died, and there is no moment of silence to intrude upon your worship of the almighty NFL, doesn’t make Andy Reid’s grief or the Eagles observance of it any less palpable. 900 people who showed up to Garrett’s funeral this week can attest. May you be lucky enough to get 1/10th of that at yours.
    And judging by your tweets, you didn’t even witness the moment of silence. You just had an typical loudmouth opinion on why it shouldn’t be done. So STFU already and go back to stroking it over women athletes. You’re website is a fine juxtaposition of ass-shots and a 10 year old golfer. Can’t wait until she’s featured as a “snickie”, can you?

  24. Sean Taylor. Exactly. Pretty sure I lived in MD when Taylor died after being shot over drugs/guns/baby bills/gang issues or disputes. They wanted to build that thug a fucking statue. FUCK CZaban

  25. @Michelle Wilder – I’m pretty sure this “big group of Eagles fans” doesn’t speak for all Eagles fans. Obviously, not everyone including fans of the Eagles thought it was appropriate or needed to be done. But those of us that have a heart and an actual soul believe it did. So yes, it was the right thing to do and it was appropriate. Andy Reid has been here over a decade. Whether or not his son died from drugs or natural causes or a freak accident is besides the point. A mother and father had to bury their son. That is not natural. A moment of silence and a patch on the back of a helmet to pay respects to the Reid family as a whole isn’t much to ask.

  26. Addiction is not a disease…. its a choice.
    You cant become addicted to something unless you first try it out of choice. Now there are obviously some exceptions (children born with drugs in their systems due to drug addict mothers), but taking drugs IS A CONSCIOUS CHOICE!
    You cannot… and will not ever become addicted to something unless you make a conscious choice to try it in the first place. Therefore it cannot be a disease.
    Cancer is a disease, leukemia is a disease, sickle cell is a disease, ALS is a disease…. Addictions are not diseases!!!

  27. As a sister of a recovering drug addict, I am appalled by some of these comments. How much his dad made had NOTHING to do with why Garett took drugs. My dad makes nowhere even close to Andy’s salary and yet, my sibling took heroine and cocaine and pot and who knows what else.
    Maybe, his parents tried to help him but but Garrett had to want to change. Addicts have to admit they have a problem first of all. If they can’t admit that, no thing or person in the world is going to force him to change.
    Addtiction isn’t all about neglect. My brother wasn’t neglected by his parents. Many things factor into addiction.
    Everybody heals and mourns differently. If Andy feels like being on the field is where he needs to be, more power to him. If he wants to hide in the woods, he can do that too. Right now, for him and his family, its all about just making through the next day, the next hour. If football distracts him, than good. Give him that distraction and allow the man to mourn in his own way.

  28. Regarding everyone’s comments on how he died and how things are handled at the home, it’s irrelevant to this topic. The jackoff didn’t need to comment on it at all. His home team wasn’t playing the Eagles so why the F should he care? DC has a hard on for Philly and simply likes to talk Sh!t.

  29. @Common Sense
    You’re EXACTLY right about addiction.
    It has nothing to do with this though.
    I don’t give a shit about GR.
    The discussion is about showing sympathy, honoring, respecting the Reids.
    This isn’t that tough is it?

  30. mrs. utley gets it.
    @Candy – you’re probably right about Whitney Houston. I know I heard people say “why are they praising her, drugs, problems, etc…?” But guess what, that didn’t stop her funeral from being covered like she was of some kind of royalty in this country. Same for Michael Jackson.

  31. @you got that right
    – Damn right i have never been there. You know why?? Cause im not a weakminded pussy who needed drugs or alcohol or food or whatever else you can get addicted to, to help deal with the ups and downs of life.
    I used my brains, my strong will, and my balls to get through it, not a needle/pipe/bong/etc….. like a coward. And thats all addicts are…. they are COWARDS!

  32. @ fatty everyone know which son I’m talking about. Now go get the rest of your eagles tattoo on your calf finished

  33. Candy,
    I’m not an Eagles fan.
    I’m a Philly fan.
    I can’t get tattoos since you gave me Hep C.

  34. @Candy- you are a zero class no heart pos!!’ drug addiction is a disease, would you not help out a family member with cancer? You scumbag
    -I may not be a parent, but I am a friend. I’ve been around it all, just fresh out of high school. I’m straight edge, which means I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke, and have been for life. For parents out there, looking at this; things can be hard to see, realize, and most importantly accept. If your child has a problem with drugs/alcohol, it’s not the end of the world. You need to be there for your child, for the before during and especially after of helping them with their problem. You have to get involved in their lives, know which friends are really friends and which just want to share a bowl with your child. Alone, just you and your child cannot get through such a trying situation. You must work together to get past it and move on. Relapses occur because after rehab or whatever action is taken, there is no followup to keep them on track, even with outpatient and the sort. In the short, you must be the one to find the problem, and the one to initiate helping them, for if they have resorted to drugs/alcohol, they won’t ask for help as they believe they have found it, or are too ashamed to tell you.

  35. Candy is a tranny hooker. Get a life you maggot and stop refreshing crossing broad every 30 seconds.

  36. Drug addiction is not a disease. @ rich did you say outloud get a life you maggot when you typed it. I want to talk sports but the site is going down fast the Reid did for drugs

  37. I can’t believe this coversation is actually happening…obviously the radio guy is a dickless faggot, but why is there this debate over “the moment was for the Reid’s and not Garrett”? That’s not as abraisive but just as disgusting as czabans comments…Garret WAS A REID! Who cares how he fucking died??? Thats not the point…the point is that he just fucking died! He was a good person mixed up in drugs…the moment of silence should absolutely be for him, as well as his grieving family. The point isn’t to herald a drug addict, it’s to honor a good man trying to do the right thing. As for Reid coming bak…who cares if it makes sense? Grieving and intense emotions aren’t logical, and you’re supposed to deal with it however you can. Jesus Christ, theres nothing that cant be polarized in ghis country is there? The guy hasn’t even been dead a week and a fucking moment of silence for him turns into a controversy.
    Whenever Ozzy, Keith Richards, or any other beloved figure who was an addict dies, you self righteous, all knowing saints better stay on your high horses and not bother giving your condolences.

  38. @Common Sense, you sound like an asshole that doesn’t realize what a lucky life you’ve had. God Bless douchebag.

  39. @ Common Sense – you must be the leading doctor and scientist that dissented. If not, you’re just another asshole with an opinion. I’m curious as to where your strong brain gets you when someone close to you ever happens to suffer from addiction. Perhaps you never suffered the abuse that leads people down a road of addiction, so of course you wouldn’t understand it. You’re smart and opinionated, that’s good. You’re a thinker and no one is going to take that from you, but you’re attitude is going to get your face broken open someday.

  40. @Chris
    – Damn right i’ve had a lucky life. And it was all earned! Nothing was given!
    Try it sometime

  41. He was just trying to get a response from his followers. Not unlike Cataldi, who says asinine things for the same reason.

  42. Tweets are for azzholes. Retweeting is for gaping azzholes. Copying tweets and pretending you are breaking news stories is for MEGA-gaping-azzholes.
    Who gives a flying-fuck what some DC jagoff tweeted yesterday, today or whenever ?

  43. My guess is that Czaban clown was looking for publicity, or better yet, ratings by saying what he did. And guess what, you’ve all cooperated by responding to his stunt. Well played, people.

  44. Common sense, I don’t see why we’re talking about your life…judging by your many disgusting and ignorant comments, you seem like an angry, selfish, loser with no time on your hands who’s earned his right to be a troll. Don’t see how lucky that is.

  45. Drug addiction is not a disease. @ rich did you say outloud get a life you maggot when you typed it. I want to talk sports but the site is going down fast the Reid did for drugs
    Posted by: Candy from the Oak | August 10, 2012 at 11:20 AM
    – uhhh, What?

  46. Candy is on here knocking drug addicts while he sits in his moms basement in a haze of oxycontin and vicoden. Faking other people’s comments is the lamest possible way to be a troll. And, are you a male with the name Candy?

  47. By the way it’s interesting observing how one retard’s hateful words can trigger such negativity in others.
    Hate is a powerful thing.

  48. Stece Czaban has been identified as an actual Epic Asshole.
    The name ‘Steve Czaban’ is an anagram for ‘complete and total pussy-boy piece of shit with no balls and no talent.”

  49. Is it any surpirsing? DC people/fans are basically like Philly sports fans, except more delusional and inbred hicks from rural Maryland/Virginia. Not to mention Redskin fans make Eagle fans look like model citizens.

  50. i agree with the dc reporter. I would have screamed crack is whack during the moment of silence.

  51. Addiction IS a disease. Sure, it’s a choice to use, but nobody actively CHOOSES to become a drug addict or alcoholic. Most addictions are rooted in a psychological disorder, which is more than just “the ups and downs of life,” these disorders are either structural neurological abnormalities or chemical imbalances in the brain. The person self medicates, and eventually becomes addicted. Profound biochemical change then occurs within a portion of the brain that relates to survival tendencies, making the action of whether or not to use less and less of a choice, and more of a biological instinct. Also, nearly any disease is partially a choice. Look at cancer or heart disease – there are certain lifestyle CHOICES that contribute to them. If someone smoked their whole life and got lung cancer would you say “he chose to get lung cancer?” Or if they died of a heart attack after a lifetime of poor diet and lack of exercise? A wide variety of diseases are a result of a combination of both nature and nurture, addiction is no different. Stop being ignorant and read a droplet of science before making ridiculous blanket statements.

  52. I agree with Candy 100%. Drugs are not even addicting. You choose to do drugs and people who do the drug are losers. Users are losers.

  53. Man…some of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen on here. People are truly idiots.
    “Drugs are not even addicting” Fucking gem right there. What are you eight years old?
    And this Candy douche canoe…I’m not even going to touch that.
    If you have a problem with the moment of silence, to fucking bad. It’s over. They did it. It was a nice gesture to Andy and his family while they cope with the loss of their son. You people that have a problem with it make me sick.

  54. @FACE – its a proven fact that drugs are not addiciting only lowlifes use drugs and when you do the drugs you get what you deserve. I do weed sometimes to get pumped upa for lap dances and I never be addicted. You are a pos face and I bet you are a user. You probably hang out with the sex maniac and Lil Joey.

  55. I wanna know if this was the same guy who ranted and raved after we beat down the Redskins on Monday Night Football, yelling “WE WERE ROBBED!” while Lavar Arrington just sat there with a shit-eating grin saying “GIT IT!” Wouldn’t be surprised.

  56. skylar- I can only assume you’re trolling, if not, I’d love to see you back up your claim that “it’s a proven fact that drugs are not addicting.” This seems to run counter to, I don’t know, every scientific study ever conducted ever since the beginning of time on the subject.

  57. As a DC resident, I find the comments inappropriate, so please don’t think that all DC residents agree. Everyone grieves differently, and if this was the appropriate for the Eagles family to acknowledge this loss, then it was the absolute right thing for them to do.
    It’s a tradition at Nationals games that all fans give a standing ovation to the disabled service men and women and their families who come from Walter Reed and Bethesda Naval Medical Center to see the games courtesy of the Nats when they are shown on the screen. It would be so nice if the Phillies fans in attendance would join us. That’s also the right thing to do, regardless of who you’re rooting for at the game that day.

  58. @Matt – im currently a dancer and working very hard to save money to go to school for doctor. I be reading studies in books a d shot that say drug a choice n not a addiction. Know what u be talking bout befor you open your mouth you pos smfh

  59. I do know what I’m talking about…I’d really like to know what books you’re reading, the scientific community generally holds the opposite opinion that you claim. Kevin T. McCauley, M.D. : “If you are in medical school and you write, “addiction is not a disease” on one of
    your exams – you will flunk. In medicine, we now know that the addict’s brain really is
    different than normal brains, and from a physiologic standpoint we now know how it is
    different. This explains a lot of the symptoms we see in full-blown addiction and helps us
    develop better, more effective treatments to help the addict recover. It also means that
    addiction fits the Disease Model of illness as well – if not better – than many other
    Like say, diabetes.” The medical community thinks of addiction as a disease. If you want to be a doctor, start thinking like one.

  60. You can’t FORCE quiet on Philly fans. At the Phillies game earlier in the week and at the Eagles game, the fans were silent because it was an appropriate gesture of support for Andy Reid.

  61. Hard to believe people are still ignorant to the fact addiction is a disease does my heart good to see people like Matt, Face and Mrs. Utley who’ve taken the time to familiarize themselves with the facts. Addiction is a disease stupid isn’t, stupidity and ignorance are clearly choices. This comment thread is proof enough.

  62. Steve Czaban did this for publicity and a bigger following. just like howard stern did when he was just getting started… czaban just hooked millions and millions of people with his obnoxious cold outburst. a percentage of people will agree with czaban. the other percentage will listen to what he has to say next. the way to beat this guy is NOT to pay attention or follow him. if you do, he becomes a millionaire because of his recent tweets. do not let that happen… do not follow him . show the class that philadelphia has, and the respect we have for family here. ignore him and we win!!! follow him, he wins! your choice guys…

  63. Addiction is not a disease. It’s a symptom of a larger cause….usually low self esteem, loneliness,
    child abandonment ( which shows up years later) etc.
    “Addiction” is a name that doctors and psychologists and big Pharmaceutical companies use to get rich.
    My brothers been clean for five years, in the program and chairs meetings. Tells me ” The best way to fight it is not get in the ring”
    ps Kyle…the Feds are looking into Sandusky Child Porn Ring.

  64. Drugs are embedded in our Society…Prescription drugs kill 110,000 people a year.
    ” You want to stop drugs in the United States ? Send the Marines to Columbia”
    – David Crosby

  65. I don’t choose to have cancer, does that mean it isn’t a disease either?
    Addiction has been proven to be a disease in the brain, it’s science not opinion.

  66. Science isn’t exact either. When cells go abnormal from things you ingest..red meat,cigarettes, etc bad things can happen.
    Everybody makes CHOICES. In Canada the warning on the side of cigarette packs say “Warning: Cigarettes cause death”…sounds like choosing to me.
    Nothing in this world is stronger than willpower. some are stronger than others.

  67. Remember when Sean Taylor got killed by thugs because he was a former thug? Being sad about that was absurd.

  68. If my dad the CEO of a company and I brought drugs to work and overdoesed, I hope I get a moment of silence to.

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