Penn State to Make Slight Changes to Uniforms for 2012 Season

Screen Shot 2012-08-11 at 2.22.31 PM
Penn State's 2011 Uniforms

Confirming an item from a bit less than two weeks ago, Penn State announced today that they will be updating their uniforms for this coming football season. As detailed by their athletic department, the changes are minor, but notable, if only due to the relative consistency of their uniform. Most prominently, last names will be added to the jerseys for the first time in school history. Head coach Bill O'Brien and "some" members of the team made this decision with the goal of "[wanting] our fans to know and recognize these young men… They have stuck together during tough times, and I commend them for the leadership they have shown."

Additionally, they will be wearing blue ribbons "to support all victims of child abuse."

The addition of the ribbon presents a bit of a philosophical challenge; it serves as a "scarlet" letter of sorts, but, unfortunately it will be worn by current players, none of whom bear responsibility for the reason the ribbon itself will be adorning the uniforms. Also adding the ribbon is much easier than taking it off. When will be the right time to remove it? After the bowl ban ends? When the scholarship reduction is over? When Spanier, etc.'s trials are over? The question as to when to remove it is fundamentally rhetorical, but expect it to come up (admittedly, on outlets like this one) when that day comes. In terms of the "right answer" for the question, it's undoubtedly "in the off-season and with minimal comment at most."

Also, on a philosophical bent, the ribbons have been added to show solidarity, while the names on the back have been added so individual players can be 'known and recognized.' As previously stated, for any football-related decision which touches on the "Sandusky era," (even the uniforms) PSU is stuck without a universally "right" course of action, and, really, both additions to the uniforms are "right" enough. All-in-all, another strong move by O'Brien.


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  2. I hear the new uniforms are going to be polka dotted, a wig on their helmet, bright colors, and their entrance banner will say, “Free puppies and candy”
    Agree to disagree, Dan.

  3. This is fuckin disgusting. Uprooting a proud tradition all because of speculation about Joe Pas (Rip) potential involvement? Gimme a break! Changing the entire culture of happy valley because of an op-Ed piece written by a disgraced ex piece of shit FBI director? Appalling. Truly appalling. These kids are such victims its not even funny. Even worse, destroying the proud tradition of the old jersies is nothing more than spitting on the legacy, good name, and work of a great and respectable man who was completely innocent: Joe Pa. These liberal faggots can rename it anything they want, but we all know that it’s Paternoville up there, named for the winningest coach in NCAA history.

  4. The CIA could learn a thing or two about brainwashing from Penn State, given how lemmings like Owen religiously drink the Nittany Kool-Aid and think JoePa should be deified. I mean, come on now! Who really gives a damn about uniforms? Reading mindless drivel from these clowns makes me laugh with their horribly misguided fervor.

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  9. The uniforms on the left are older bases on the blue trim that was removed like the white trim that was removed as seen in the picture on the right….
    But you got those pictures from the freeh report which is 100% factual so it’s all good.
    (side note you do realize Louis Freeh has done 2 other reports when both of them have been over turned ripped apart for not having solid evidence to back up such claims. Oh and he was FBI director leading up to 9/11, so good work by him. [Just play devils advocate folks.])

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