PSA: Sheena Parveen Graces Today’s Daily News Cover

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As a sports blog, we’re required to do one monthly public service announcement. This is it.

SHEENA PARVEEN IS ON THE COVER OF TODAY’S DAILY NEWS, as about 300 of you have pointed out to me. 

Somewhere, Hurricane Schwartz and Bill Henley are staring into separate mirrors, crying, wondering if they should get breast implants or, perhaps, just start with some lipstick. Just a little bit. Viewers won’t even notice… but they’d like them to.

Anyway, yeah, Sheena.

Pic via Bob Vetrone Jr.


43 Responses

  1. Angelo cataldi would take her to dinner, show her his hook nose then make her pay for dinner.

  2. She could eat a hoagie in the shower without getting in wet with that giant schnoz of hers

  3. I seriously do not get what the big fuss is over this chick. Take off the makeup and she’s a 5 at best. Melissa MaGee and even Cicely Tynan’s old ass are 1000x hotter than her.

  4. A five at best…? Jason sounds like a jealous tranny. Turn in your nut sack dude, you’re playing for the wrong team.

  5. That freakish smile reminds me of TV chef Giada De Laurentiis, and that chick always gave me the creeps. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll pass.

  6. 5 without makeup? I think shes a 5 with makeup…you guys must not get with many hot chicks or your desperate if this chick is hot to you…

  7. Lolworthy comments here from guys who are probably taking a break from jerking it to tumblr to catch up on some philly sports tmz news

  8. @shitstanz I just pleasured myself to her & it felt great home boy.
    I imagined her big fake cans flopping up & down as she’s riding me like a cowgirl. Maybe 3 Finger Lenny is fake sleeping in the next bed

  9. I would love to stick 2 fingers in her puss & 1 in her ah, then make her suck on my 3 fingers.
    I miss big tit jade McCarthy from ch 10

  10. If you don’t think she’s hot, you need glasses. Stop trying to act cool like you get with hotter chicks. No, no you don’t.

  11. I would love to eat a burger out of her vagina & then wash it down with a craft beer, man mans style

  12. 50.000 dudes in Florida, Texas and So-Cal are laughing their asses off right now at the comments saying she’s ‘hot’.
    Yea she’s a Kardashian alright…Kringy Kardashian.

  13. She has a monstrous nose. I can see 30 women better looking than her in Center City in 5 minutes.

  14. Shes very exotic but so is my one sister. I’d love to ejaculate in her rectum…oh in Sheena’s as well.

  15. She’s probably the hottest dot head that I’ve ever seen, which is kind of like saying she’s the tallest midget in the circus because I’d take a sistah over a dot head any day.

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