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According to Yahoo!’s Jeff Passan, the Phillies have placed Cliff Lee on waivers. It's a somewhat standard move, to be placed on waivers after the trade deadline, but here are the scenarios: If he clears, which is likely because he is owed roughly $95 million, then he will be eligible to be traded by tomorrow afternoon. To do so, the Phillies would likely have to swallow about $7-$8 million a year, according to Passan.

Inquirer beat reporter Matt Gelb doesn't think the Phillies would eat that much money, but letting go of most of Lee's massive contract would allow them to do other things (rebuild).

Again, it's likely no team will claim him and it's probably not the outcome the Phillies are searching for. However, if he were to be claimed, the Phils could still pull him off waivers.

Ruben Amaro has spent the last two days doing interviews, telling anyone who will listen that the Phils were never shopping Lee. But, by placing Clifton on waivers, a move that could eventually lead to him being available for a trade, the Phils are, at the very least, exploring their options. 

CBS Sports' Danny Knobler explained the waiver process last summer, pointing out that many players get put on waivers. It's often procedural, but with all the trade talk surrounding Lee, you can't help but wonder if the Phils are entertaining the idea of a post-waiver trade deadline trade.

Admittedly, we may have jumped the gun, a bit, on this. Often, waived players' names aren't released and, as many baseball people are pointing out right now, some of the game's biggest stars get placed on waivers each year. But still, it's cause for some unease.