Scott Hartnell and Ian Laperriere Appear in Judd Apatow Trailer

Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 3.33.35 PM
Last year, we told you about some Flyers taking part in a Judd Apatow film. Here’s the trailer for This is 40, which includes Scott Hartnell and Ian Laperriere. James van Riemsdyk was also there, and he may be in the shot as well. Around the 2:20 mark. Don’t blink.

via the Flyers


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  1. Kyle,
    Get a compliation of pics of the two us volleyball players, may-treanor and walsh-jennings.

  2. I agree with volleyball guy!! I have pleasured myself plenty of times to misty’s big ole booty & tramp stamp the last 10 days

  3. really ur going to dis JVR Like that he is in the sceen. right betwween the two girls when they seperate. actually see him better than the rest…… if it was either carter or richards ud have such a hate boner for it……ur just a sad sad little boy with a computer

  4. Trainor and Walsh are horrendous.
    Cats should be covering them in that sand.
    The INDOOR volleyball team has some winners though.

  5. coombs- ……ur just a sad sad little boy with a computer comment made me lol

  6. Right on fatty. For some reason the game play cameras can’t pick up the cellulite in May’s ass, but the cameras following her after the match sure could.
    April on the other US team has a world class pooper though.

  7. I have masturbated to the broad “dancing” in that vid, a la the broad from Cable Guy/Big Daddy/40 YO virgin. She has meaty P lips from what I hear.

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