Shane Victorino is Already Doing Interviews from the US Open of Surfing

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 4.49.16 PM

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 4.52.17 PM

The Shane Victorino left coast Tweets have started, admittedly sooner than we expected.

Shane Victorino is tweeting today from the US Open of Surfing (yeah, yeah– that exists), where he was interviewed during the event’s live web feed. Incredibly, reader Chris was one of two people in the whole world watching it, and he sent along this screen grab:

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 4.50.24 PM

Aloha, Shane. Nice to see the left coast is treating you well. Say hello to Richie for me.


19 Responses

  1. No need for the low-blows in regards to competitive surfing. Besides I can’t think of a better place for Shane-O to pick up some new chicks out there…

  2. You know he’s only there to get pussy.

  3. Looks like there is a ton of ass on that beach. Looks like Shane will be popping his LA cherry today. Put the wife & kids to sleep, Shane is on the prowl

  4. Intelligent and poignant response Chance. What’s the matter, couldn’t condense all 3 of those hard hitting, well thought out ‘responses’ into one? Difficult, I know.
    BTW Chance, your name begs the question: Are you male, female or :fingers crossed: both? I sincerely hope it’s the latter, because who doesn’t love an ignorant, retarded hermaphrodite. Love you.

  5. Chance is the man. He’s my vp & would fuck anybody up, even though he’s a holy man

  6. There is over a million people that walk on that beach the week of the US Open of Surf. The most group of beautiful women I have ever seen.

  7. I’m concerned for Shane after hearing all these horror stories about his character.
    Someone with twitter, please fwd him this link?

  8. Thank you from, the bottom of my heart, for your concern DD, I will do my best to pass this information over to Mr. Victorino. Sex addiction is no laughing matter with people who are ADHD. Let’s just hope it’s not too late!

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