Sixers Invite Fans to Andrew Bynum’s Introductory Press Conference

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And what could possibly go wrong?

Sixers CEO Adam Aron, who, presumably, spent the weekend standing in front of a mirror in his underwear telling himself I’m good enough, smart enough, and gosh darnit, people like me, had an interesting idea for Andrew Bynum’s introductory press conference, which will take place just as soon as Bynum wakes up and is told about Friday’s trade:

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The responses must have been favorable. This morning Aron tweeted, from London, the following:

HELP WELCOME ANDREW BYNUM TO PHILADELPHIA. Join us at initial press conference, open to @Sixers fans. Time and place TBD, likely Wednesday. TWITTER VOICES HEARD: all @Sixers fans invited to attend open Bynum/JR press conference this week. Season/20/10 tix holders reserved area.


I’m not sure Andrew Bynum is the guy to have an Albert Pujols-esque press conference for, but there’s no denying that the potential for hilarity will be at an all-time high. I have it a 5-1 that Bynum takes his shirt off at some point.

You bet we’ll be covering that bad boy.


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  1. this guy bynum should be full of laughs.
    mann god wtff I was expecting a good Pat the Bat Burrell alumi weekend bar story

  2. can we bring our own beer? I kinda want to get rowdy for this. Show him that Philly is the place to be for more than 1 year… EVERYONE GET DRUNK AS SHITTTT LEGGGGOOOO

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