Sixers Wanted Dwight Howard, But He Preferred Brooklyn or Los Angeles

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Lame duck Sixers President Rod Thorn (who is going out on a very high note) spoke to Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic today and said this: [listen to it here]

“We’ve been talking to the Lakers and Orlando for the last three weeks. We’ve been talking about various deals, and it never got out. In today's world, that's something in itself.” [That’s because, like, two or three people cover the Sixers. And one of them is a loud-mouthed idiot, do-the-bare-minimum sort of guy.]

“Orlando didn't want to keep Iguodala because they’re going in a different way. And they wanted to move him. So they talked to a few teams and ended up making the deal with Denver to move his contract, and that ended up making the deal.”

Initially, we were talking to Orlando about Dwight Howard. That’s how it got started. So, we had conversations with them regarding him and then he wanted to go either to Brooklyn or to Los Angeles. Lakers had been in the conversation before we were in there. And it ended up the way it ended up today.” 


Two things: 1) The Sixers wanted Howard, so we applaud that effort. 2) Howard is a prima donna dick. Yeah, he’s a superstar, and I’m not going to pretend that I wouldn’t have wanted him here, but why is it acceptable for guys making millions of dollars to play a sport to dictate their own trade? Los Angeles or Brooklyn? Go F! You make that decision when you’re a free agent. Until then, shut up and play. 


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  1. hey pat, lebron is #2 for me as someone has officially topped him as the number #1 on my hate list….howard! he is a punk! he held orlando and their organization hostage this entire year with his back-and-forth drama. not only did he strong-arm them into a trade, but he made sure it was where he wanted to go! what a piece of shit! i dont like to wish ill on anyone, but i hope while playing in LA, his back issues flare up and he never holds the championship trophy. while we all had a disdain for lebron, we have to remember that he was a free agent and was entitled to test the water. on the other hand, howard had 2 years left on his contract when he started his bullshit!

  2. The criminals run the asylum in the nba. He should have been told by that fat Jew David Stern he playing & resigning with the sixers and that’s that nigga

  3. Players have been dictating where they play ever since John Elway spurned Baltimore for Denver way back in 1983, so Dwight Howard’s antics are nothing new. What’s done is done, Howard whined his way to Tinseltown, and the Sixers have Bynum, that’s good enough for me.

  4. He gets to dictate where he is traded because his contract is up at the end of the season. It makes no sense for the Sixers to trade for him once they get word that he has no interest in playing here. Sure they could still have traded for him, but what would the point be when he is going to walk after one year? Maybe you can google free agency or do you need me to copy and paste it on here for your site?

  5. “That’s because, like, two or three people cover the Sixers. And one of them is a loud-mouthed idiot, do-the-bare-minimum sort of guy.”
    I long for the days of Phil Jasner

  6. ZWR has completely jepumd the shark. It doesn’t pack the same combination of intelligent analysis and humorous MS Paint images anymore. Moreover, what happened to the t-shirts? I feel as if there aren’t enough t-shirts out there for me to express my love for all things Philadelphia.I think we need more t-shirts. And we need more bloggers that can push someone like you, ZWR, to creating better content – content that will enlighten, stimulate and yet cause one to crinkle in fits of laughter. You just don’t do that anymore. And also, are we over this Ryan Howard thing? Isn’t he paid too much? Can’t he give some of that money to Amaro so we can get a new second baseman?

  7. Eddie Jordan There is competition for Jordan if Stefanski rellay wants him.a0 Rumors suggest he is definitely in the running, and the connection with Stefanski on the surface supports that idea.a0 But he will be in Vegas today and tomorrow meeting about the Kings job.a0 The Kings apparently rellay want him and Jordan is said to be very interested in going back to Sacramento.a0 Ia0 feel like Eddie Jordan is the front runner, and I don’t exactly know how I feel about it, which means I probably don’t want him.a0 He had some talent in Washington and couldn’t get over the hump.a0 I think he is a decent coach and was on the bench for two NBA Finals under Bryon Scott in New Jersey.a0 But while he talked defense in the media, his Wizards teams never followed through and that worries me.

  8. Bless you sir. Portland Dancers at #18, I applaud your non-homerism. Also, which dance team has the worst name? I’m going with the Milwaukee Bucks Energee! (I’m not etcixed. The exclamation point is included in the actual name Yahoo! style.)

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