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Lame duck Sixers President Rod Thorn (who is going out on a very high note) spoke to Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic today and said this: [listen to it here]

“We’ve been talking to the Lakers and Orlando for the last three weeks. We’ve been talking about various deals, and it never got out. In today's world, that's something in itself.” [That’s because, like, two or three people cover the Sixers. And one of them is a loud-mouthed idiot, do-the-bare-minimum sort of guy.]

“Orlando didn't want to keep Iguodala because they’re going in a different way. And they wanted to move him. So they talked to a few teams and ended up making the deal with Denver to move his contract, and that ended up making the deal.”

Initially, we were talking to Orlando about Dwight Howard. That’s how it got started. So, we had conversations with them regarding him and then he wanted to go either to Brooklyn or to Los Angeles. Lakers had been in the conversation before we were in there. And it ended up the way it ended up today.” 


Two things: 1) The Sixers wanted Howard, so we applaud that effort. 2) Howard is a prima donna dick. Yeah, he’s a superstar, and I’m not going to pretend that I wouldn’t have wanted him here, but why is it acceptable for guys making millions of dollars to play a sport to dictate their own trade? Los Angeles or Brooklyn? Go F! You make that decision when you’re a free agent. Until then, shut up and play.