So Apparently Kyle’s a “Local Celebrity” Now – Philadelphia Police Athletic League Night at the Phillies

Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 4.05.19 PMYeah, he won't let this go

First, he won a homerun derby without hitting any homeruns. Next he plans on winning an MVP trophy in a game which offers no such award. Kyle Scott, he of the “it’s 55° in January, time to get your glove and stretch out the old soup bone” mentality (he really says this), has somehow convinced the Police Athletic League that he is a “local celebrity” and stumbled his way into the PAL Celebrity Softball Game next Wednesday at Citizens Bank Park. 

To keep things feisty, the game is setup as print and TV personalities vs. internet and radio personalities, so let’s just say that if the internet/radio team wins, you’ll be hearing and reading about it as a “symbolic victory against old media” while the TV/print folks simply brush them off with comments about how they'd have more time to practice softball if they "weren't so busy actually reporting the news and meeting with sources" and other things that you can't do from "mom's basement."

Kidding aside, on Wednesday August 8, Kyle will be representing Crossing Broad at the 34th Annual Police Athletic League Night at the Phillies, celebrating the on-going commitment of PAL and its efforts to give city kids a fun, safe place for activities. Ryan Howard will be on-hand to receive an Honorary Philadelphia Police Badge for his work to benefit Philadelphia's youth.

The PAL softball game starts at 5:30, and the Phillies play the Braves at 7:05, so if you’re going to Wednesday’s game, it’d make a great doubleheader (and you have a chance to see Kyle make a fool of himself without the waiver wire being involved).

Your ticket to the Phillies/Braves gets you in for the softball match-up (just show up at 5:30). Tickets and more info are available by calling 215-463-1000. [Editor's note: OR, FOR, LIKE, $6 AT CROSSING BROAD TICKETS!]

About PAL:

The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia (PAL) helps girls and boys develop self-esteem and
ambition through a broad array of educational, athletic and cultural activities in a safe and fun
environment. Established in 1947, PAL is a citywide network of 26 centers serving thousands of
youngsters, ages 6-18. All programs and activities are free and supervised by on-duty
Philadelphia Police Officers. PAL is “Cops Helping Kids” – a non-profit organization with
generous support from the business community, foundations and individuals.

[Editor's note 2: So, what are the rules regarding catchers blocking the plate in this game?]

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    anyone know if Shane cheated on his wife yet in LA???

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