UPDATE: No Indication of Suicide, Foul Play in Garrett Reid’s Death

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Lehigh University chief of police Edward Shupp said that foul play and suicide have been ruled out (UPDATE: Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane, who relayed that report on his Twitter, revised his original report, noting that "there was no indication" of suicide or foul play) as possible causes for Garrett Reid’s death. An Eagles team official, not Andy Reid, found the body at 7:20 a.m. and police were quickly on the scene. 

Garrett was pronounced dead by the coroner.  

There is no official cause of death and an autopsy is said to be completed in the next 24-48 hours. But, Garrett had many drug problems in the past. He was sentenced to 23 months in jail following a 2007 incident in which he caused an accident while high on heroin. After seven months, he went to a halfway house, where he flunked a drug test and was sent back to prison

There are some lengthy articles – from the Inquirer (here and here), Philly Mag (here) and AOL (here) – about Reid family struggles with drugs, which were well publicized. Andy's younger son, Britt, was also arrested on drug-related charges.

The Phillies held a moment of silence for Garrett before today's game.


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  1. Wow. Regardless of drugs or what he did in the past, have some compassion. What parents wants to go through the heartache of burying their child?? I’m not a huge football fan, nor do I really like the Eagles, but this is very sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Reid family & Eagles organization.

  2. Wow…tough crowd. It is amazing and a little scary there are so many heartless and sick people out there. I mean seriously, show some respect. Show a little compassion for the Reid family.

  3. “cowboy dave”, u heartless,dickless piece of sh*t. Wake up, this isnt about a football rivalry. Someone’s son died today. Show a little compassion.

  4. Very sad! Another life wasted by drug addiction. It’s an epidemic. As parents, Andy and Tammy were essentially powerless against the power of addiction that ultimately claimed Garrett’s life. My heart goes out to the family. Having to go through this is horrible and having to do it in the public spotlight at this time of the year is even worse.

  5. @Jay Grace- I hate you with a strong passion with all your idiotic comments on cb, Philly.com & 700level. Get some class & a clue, dope!!!!

  6. Sid,
    Apologize for that hateful comment, i just really dislike the eagles & their classless fans. Oh & BTW, Where ya rings at??

  7. I hate to speculate, which I’m sure lots of people are doing right now, but I can’t help but wonder if Garrett had a relapse. Guess we’ll have to wait for the autopsy report.

  8. Drugs replace everything and everyone you love. Drugs and alcohol arent the cause; they’re the symptom. Drugs will never stop because there’s billions of dollars involved.
    check out any Ecomonics book…one chapter 19 was “The Heroin Trade”…Prescription Drugs kill 110,000 people a year in the USA.
    ps: Cowboy Dave’s mad cause his owners a drunk and his QB has a rag arm.

  9. @Duke, well said. So many idiots pointing fingers at the Reid’s. Until the process of obtaining drugs eclipses the physical sense of Euphoria an addict gets from taking the drug, an addict will continue to use, nobody but the addict knows where that threshold is. Meanwhile the parents suffer the entire time in a hell like no other, hoping for the best, wondering where “they” went wrong, when they’ll get that dreaded call in the middle of the night. The addict thinks everything is fine and the parents live the real tortured existence.

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