The Phillies Won a Game Last Night and Jonathan Papelbon’s Post-Game Interview was Awesome

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After recording a much-needed four-out save last night, not even Gregg Murphy’s softballs, lobbed across the interview plate at about six miles per hour, could bring Cinco Ocho back to reality. Those eyes, man.

Video after the jump.


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  1. So reminds me of the Nuke Laloosh interview in “Bull Durham.”
    His nickname shall henceforth no longer be “Cinco Ocho.” He shall be now called “Nuke.”

  2. That was cool… it would be SO MUCH cooler if the Phillies were any where close to playoff contention. Ah well…

  3. T-Mac and Murphy are tougher to watch/listen to than this terrible team. Whoever’s idea it was for Murphy to talk every game needs to be sent packing once this terrible year is over. Along with Murphy, T-Mac please get rid of Dom Brown, Polanco, Michael Martinez, everyone in the bullpen not named Papelbon, Charlie, Kendrick, Brian Schneider and Ruben dynasty destroyer Amaro.

  4. I thought he was going to sucker murph.
    -back in the kitchen, big Sunday dinner tonight, cunt

  5. Do you think Paps has a room in his appartment that looks like Scarface’s office? I like to think he does.
    The best was “uhhh what was your question?”

  6. Lorry, what are you doing commenting on this site when brunch hasn’t been served yet? Chop chop.

  7. When Murphy first put the mic in front of Papelbon, I was expecting him to start talking in a Hulk Hogan voice… “Ya know, brother..all my little Papelmaniacs came out to see me pitch tonight, and I could feel their love and fed off their Papelmaniac engery! So I flexed these 18 inch pythons and threw the ball as hard as I could! Whatcha gonna do, batter, when Papelmania runs wild on you!”

  8. Pupils make me think acid, lack of blinking makes me think greenies. Could be lots of coke though. 100% sure he’s on something either way.

  9. If I had a million bucks for ever question he answered with “I don’t know” I’d have about 3 million bucks… Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

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