Reading Phillies Employees Are Awful at Impersonating Harry Kalas

Is the bobblehead worth the drive?  Probably. (Photo:

The Reading Phillies are paying tribute to Harry Kalas and their major league counterpart's two World Series teams tonight… certainly an honorable thing to do. They're also having a Kalas impersonation contest with the winner spending an inning on Reading Phillies radio.

To win… your Harry the K impression will likely have to be better than the God-awful ones the team displayed in the promotional video for tonight's festivities.


If you just sat through all 90 seconds of that, you're probably like me… sobbing and shaking in a corner… only difference is I'm holding a computer.

If you can't do a Harry Kalas impersonation, don't try…

…still a pretty sweet promotion, though.

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6 Responses

  1. At least the bobblehead looks like the person it’s supposed to be. There’s a first.

  2. You guys should have seen the contest last night. One kid froze in his shoes, started crying, and ran off with the mic (it was straight out of Christmas Story when the kid meets santa). Disco Brisco took a whack at it and the host was dressed as Kalas. God I love the minor league circus!

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