This Morning, One Local Station Reported That Andy Reid Had Been Found Dead in His Bed

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Shortly after the announcement that Andy Reid’s oldest son, Garrett, had died, several readers expressed their surprise, telling us that FOX29 had sent them an alert that Andy Reid had been found dead in his bed. Others received that same message:

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FOX quickly corrected their mistake:

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The update from FOX29 came at 9:53 a.m., which was several minutes after the Eagles announced Garrett’s death. Most likely, FOX29 had prepared the message in anticipation of an announcement involving Andy himself (there was quite a bit of mystery surrounding his absence from practice this morning) and inadvertently pushed it out to subscribers. But, as reader John noted: That can’t happen.

Screen grabs via (@davegross34)


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  1. Holy shat…. it’s shocking and sad enough to hear about his son’s passing, but imagine waking up and reading about Andy passing! On a side note, today’s a very sad day for the Reid family and the Eagles. Thoughts and prayers going out to them all…

  2. Is this really the first time fox or any other news station has made a mistake? Don’t act like you’re so shocked, people are human, and they make mistakes.

  3. Fox 29 News is a bunch of hacks. They try too hard to be smart and their stupidity show.

  4. Faux News…..Rupert Murdoch got caught wiretapping everybody.
    CNN lost 80% viewer ratings,
    stay on target Kyle

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