Uganda Little League Team Will Play in Plymouth Meeting Next Week

Jimmy Rollins, who went to Uganda this offseason to help young baseball players, has been a public supporter of the Ugandanian (proper?) Little League squad, which, this month, became the first team from Africa to both play and win a game in the Little League World Series. Rollins tweeted that, on Tuesday, the team will play at Plymouth Valley Park on Germantown Pike in Plymouth Meeting:

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 10.13.58 AM

Very cool.


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  1. Maybe Jimmy can get a few swings in against the little leaguers. Teach them how to hit pop ups.

  2. Early enough in the day so that J-Roll can be there to watch before the Phillies game that night… while most grown folks are at work… so he doesn’t get heckled to death about his lack of hustle.

  3. Their coach creeps me out, carrying the other team’s kid around and saying who their president is constantly. He sounds like a propaganda character out of The Last King of Scotland.

  4. sooooo why is this cool? becuase its Africa? I’m guessing if it was some random euro country it wouldnt be mentioned. nothing like white guilt on a friday afternoon

  5. TR – it’s cool b/c 1 in 4 ppl in Africa are dying from AIDS, sitting in a grass hut in their own shit all day, and they walk 5 miles with a jug on their head to get water. Meanwhile, you’re sitting on you fat ass in your mom’s air conditioned basement playing call of duty & eating potato chips all day. They’re playing an American sport & they’re holding their own playing against very good competition for their age.
    Then again they’re probably all African royalty from wealthy families which is why they’re playing baseball in the first place.

  6. im actually at work but good use of the mom’s basement cliche. havent heard that one in a few hours

  7. because thay can’t get inner-city home-boys to play baseball because they can’t show off enough and dance and act like T.O. or Ocho-lame-ass
    Jimmy had to go to Uganda to find 9 black kids to play baseball

  8. Hi Jimmy,
    Can you call 97.5 mike miss celeb contest line for me???? I want eagles tix!!!! Thanks homie
    Here’s the number for the celebrity to call: 215-263-0975.

  9. I don’t want to come off as harsh, but I really hope Jimmy catches ebola from one of these things.

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