Vick Will Wear Thicker Rib Protection

This solves everything! (Photo: TakingIt2TheHouse)
After last week's injury, Eagles quarterback Michael Vick will wear a thicker rib protector as a precautionary measure moving forward, according to Philadelphia Magazine's Tim McManus.
Vick took a shot from the helmet of Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham in last Monday's game against the Patriots. Although all tests came back negative, it was enough to keep him out of Friday's preseason game against the Browns. (By the way, I don't get playing teams in the preseason that you'll see in the regular season, especially in the opener, but whatever.)
Unequal Technologies is the maker of Vick's protective gear, and his history dictates that he needs it. More from McManus.
Vick has suffered three rib injuries in his time in Philadelphia. He missed over a month in 2010 because of cracked cartilage sustained against Washington in 2010. Broke a pair of ribs against the Cardinals last November and missed the next three games. And then the latest injury against the Patriots, which was diagnosed as a rib contusion.
So… yeah.
Unfortunately, Unequal hasn't been able to develop anything that will help Vick get rid of the ball quicker or leave the pocket unprotected to extend plays…
…but I'm sure they're working on that.
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6 Responses

  1. Vick could be armored like Iron Man, but that won’t stop him from being reckless and making bad decisions while in the pocket. In short, nothing’s going to change, which is why Foles will be starting before the season ends.

  2. Wow! The level of stupidity is through the roof! Foles has played well during PRESEASON FOOTBALL, aka practice. I really hope he turns out to be a great QB for the Eagles, but everyone is too quick to write Vick off. You really think that a rookie won’t make bad decisions when real, I-want-see-you-on-a-stretcher pressure is breathing down his neck? Fools. I don’t think Vick is the best QB to ever live, but he’s just obviously the best option at this point.

  3. B-Rad: If Vick isn’t careful, show some common sense and stop doing stupid stuff like sliding head first into scrums, he’ll write himself off after he’s been carried off on a stretcher and put on DL for weeks at a time.

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