Video: Andy Reid And Cullen Jenkins Go At It

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The season is off to a beautiful start. Andy Reid and Cullen Jenkins got into it on the sideline in the second quarter of tonight's game and had to be separated by Jim Washburn. Fun.

Video after the jump.


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  1. Honestly, this is refreshing. Good coaches aren’t afraid to get in a players face, and Reid NEVER does this. Andy knows this team is in hot water.

  2. Jenkins has been doggin it through this training camp. Reid was letting him have it! Should have never jumped back in the coaches face. You may now go to the third string. Enjoy!

  3. I’m sorry, but I’m not impressed with Andy’s little hissy fit because he was directing his misplaced anger at the wrong person, he should’ve been unloading on Juan Castillo, our dickless defensive coordinator who’s running that mess.

  4. i liked seeing this personally. Dont get me wrong if he did this after every play it would be a bad thing. but its nice to finally see that when they do boneheaded things that andy gets as miffed as we do as fans.

  5. Now if he could get in Jimmy Rollins’ face like that – the little pussy would never jog again…

  6. I’m glad football is back, still hoping for 0-16 so Reid, his entire staff and his shitty project players get tossed the fuck out of this city.

  7. This is not “refreshing’, this shows fundemental cracks in the man’s psyche. No way they get 6 wins, they’ve installed a gimmicky defense that’s shit, to prop up a coach who has been running the same offensive plays at the nfc east from the same formations for 15 years…this is beyond fucking stupid at this point. Andy Reid seems like a nice guy who needs a new situation. I know the Eagles do. This is Lurie’s fault. The blueprint for success in the nfl is right on the other side of the state, play kick ass d and run the ball enough to impose your will. Jeff Lurie has things so fucked up, it looks like everyone else is at fault.

  8. MM, I suprised you didn’t go the “andy is falling apart after the death of his son” route. For once, Andy smells of desperation because the owner refuses to guarantee his job beyond this season and it’s a good thing. The dumb penatly total has gone up and up, each year for mulitiple years now because Reid has become too much a father figure to these guys. Time to rein it back in Big Red and let them know who’s boss …

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