Video: Dan Baker Documentary

Here’s a mini documentary, produced by Mixed Nut Productions, about long-time Phillies PA announcer Dan Baker. It speaks for itself.

H/T to (@SportsTalkPhila)

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17 Responses

  1. God I hate Tom McCarthy. I hate listening to him, I hate seeing him, I hate his dumb dome. Is it possible you can have a “heckuva” count during one game? Ever since you brought it up, I hear him and that dumb rug wearing wheeler say it about 10 times a game. I’d love to get an official count, but I can’t listen to him for 9 innings.

  2. Its about time more and more people identify who is the voice of not just the Phillies but also during live home Eagles games. Ever since Harry Kalas died, Dan Baker has fulfilled that voice of the summer in a ballpark or the voice of the cold winters of Lincoln Financial field. He is probably the greatest living sports voice of Philadelphia right now.

  3. I agree with DXFlyers. normally id say merrill reese but he has become such a nauseating homer it is tough to listen to him anymore

  4. Dan did the intros for my wedding and I have to say that it was awesome. He is the best at his craft and Phillies/Eagles game are nothing without him. Great guy

  5. Since McCarthy and Wheels always talk like they are a part of the team and really want you to know how much they are amongst the coaches and players and talking to them every single day, is it possible to trade these clowns away?? Even if the best offer was a bag of shit to replace their vacated space. How is it the Phils have been able to find some great voices throughout the years but continue to stand by these POS dick-bags?! I put the Phils steady decline since 2009 (and oddly enough since the loss of Harry) solely on those two idiots.

  6. “I try not to insult the fans’ intelligence by injecting false enthusiasm.”
    Followed by a shot of Tom McCarthy. Oh, the irony.

  7. Been fortunate enough to meet Dan and his daughter Courtney on a few occasions. Both great people. And Courtney is kinda cute, too

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