UPDATE: Michael Vick Injured His Ribs

Vick's taken 12 snaps this preseason, and has gotten injured twice. Two weeks ago it was a finger bruise. Tonight? Ribs. He's currently getting x-rays.

UPDATE: X-rays were negative.


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  1. yeah Michael Hochman…..I’d venture to say I don’t abuse or fight animals so think I’m a tad better person than Vick, but thanks for looking out for me anyway! By the way, your philosophies are DUMB

  2. In his defense, that hit would have taken any QB in the game out. If you want rag on somebody, Herremans might be a better target this time.

  3. If he didn’t hold on to the ball too long he wouldn’t have gotten crunched. Vick’s pocket awareness has steadily declined since he took the starting job from Kolb two seasons ago. Never been a big Vick fan but I was actually impressed two seaons ago when it appeared Reid had actually turned this guy in to a good QB. I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He’s reverted back to the exciting yet ineffective QB that he was all those years in Atlanta. He’ll be lucky to play 10 or 11 games this year.

  4. Never to fear…Nick Foles is here! Foles is the future of this team. This will be Vicks last year here..if he makes it.

  5. Vick wanting to extend plays + a bad, incapable O-line = Vick no chance at playing whole season. Vick seriously might die this year. This line will get DOMINATED constantly. 5 teams of first 6 weeks – Ravens, Giants, Cardinals, Steelers, Lions.

  6. Of course his pocket awareness is declining. He prob has nightmares of defenders owning the o-line and wanting to KILL him. Losing Jason Peters pretty much sealed their season. I don’t know how they think this line can do the job. Vick has to run for his life every play unless its a 3 or 5 step dropback. This leads to turnovers, sacks, and Vick hurt.
    Maybe he needs to get rid of the ball quicker but it’s mostly the o-lines fault if you watch them during the games. Get ready for a lot of Vick running for his life yet again.

  7. Gotta love the Vick apologists. He was trying to extend the play when he got hurt. he panicked and his first instinct was to run instead of throwing the ball out of bounds. His solution? scramble back an extra 15 yards then try to set and throw the ball away. O-line my ass.

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