We Have Two Ringside Seats to Giveaway for the New Breed Fighters MMA Event at the Tower Theater on September 8

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 2.42.12 PM

Somewhere, Shane Victorino wishes he was seeing this. 

Our friends over at Live Nation have offered up two ringside seats for the September 8 New Breed Fighters event at the Tower Theater. 

New Breed Fighters is a mixed martial arts league that gives you the opportunity to see some of the best up-and-coming fighters in the country up-close and personal, in this case at the legendary Tower Theater. There will be co-Main Event battles plus a stacked undercard. See Jeff Lentz vs. Jay Haas battle for the Featherweight Title and Philly’s own Paul Felder go up against Jordon Sinter.

All you have to do to enter for the tickets is comment below with a question for an upcoming CB mailbag. The person who asks the best (read: most entertaining) question will get the tickets (troll and we'll report your IP address for spam). Make sure to leave your email address in the appropriate field. Winners will be chosen at random and announced next week. 

If you don’t want to take your chances and want to get your tickets right away, head over to Live Nation and get them now. Tickets start as low as $30.

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20 Responses

  1. You stated multiple times that it wasn’t absolute fact in the story, but at the end of the day you were the one who spoke to Greg Bucceroni directly. That being said, how legit do you think his story is. Like I said, I can’t tell by reading a quote, but did it come off like absolute honesty?

  2. Frankenstein Philly Athletes. Who would you put together to make the best(your definition) Philly Athlete? I got:
    Eyes: Trent Cole
    Nose: Ian LaPerriere
    Hair: Giroux
    Chest: Chooch
    Legs: Spenser Hawes

  3. Seeing as how I cannot legally take my Phillies frusteration out and kick the shit out of someone, I would like to watch someone else get their ass kicked.

  4. Who would win in a threeway cage fight to the death??
    1. Scott Harnell’s ex wife?
    2. El wingador
    3. Holley Mangold (jets center Nick mangold’s sister)
    And…… go!

  5. So with J-Roll acting like he gives zero fucks this wee…season, the phillies having a roided up SS in waiting who performed well defensively at 2nd, and no one to actually lead off this team since we got rid of the Hawaiian Shrimp, Polly and Chase getting through this year with duct tape and elmer’s glue, and Howard’s achillies injury, is it time to throw in the towel on our infield and blow it up? I’ll put it this way, Howard should be OK after this season. Let’s keep him. But perhaps its time to move the rest. SS are still hard to find, so we could do well with trading J-Roll in the offseason, Chutley we may have to eat some salary, but could be a decent DH in the AL, and we don’t need to pick up Polly’s option.
    I’m saying blow that mother effer up! start fresh and young. What say you, oh mighty interwebual scriptual?

  6. Follow-up:
    Uncle Cholly. Philly’s favorite redneck. I loved the guy as the manager of the ’08 team and will forever love him as this cartoon character of a coach, but his specialty is long ball hitting, not a small ball coach. It has been apparent all season that he has lost this team, that the players are still not playing small ball because they cannot be retrained (see ‘Old Dog’ or ‘Utley’s knees’ for examples), and nothing was done to address this besides a few closed door meetings. Is it time to move on from Cholly?

  7. Simple question, would love to see the answers after all Philly has paid and done for Jimmy…
    What the F is Jimmy Rollins problem?

  8. With the ongoing Penn State scandal seemingly spiraling out of control, if the current rumors are found to be true, and PSU is connected to all of the different people/organizations in your most recent report, if you were the PSU president/board how do you go about keeping PSU from being destroyed in the eyes of the public? How do you attract potential incoming students? How do you retain current students? What kind of damage control do you do?

  9. Ok so the Andrew Bynum trade has me even more excited then that time I found a pink starburst in a yellow wrapper. This move could be a defining moment in the Sixers’ rise from perpetual mediocrity. That being said however I still think this has the potential to go rather poorly too. Which of these signings do you think Andrew Bynum’s time in Philadelphia will most closely compare to: Terrell Owens, Cliff Lee stint 1, Moses Malone, Roy Oswalt, or Peter Forsberg? Or maybe someone I haven’t considered? I am hoping it will play out like Moses Malone but I think if he suffers any significant injury it could turn out similar to the Oswalt signing where he doesn’t live up to his stats from last year due to injury then moves on at the end of the season.

  10. Since the Flyers defense is looking quite thin, when will you be taking your talents to South Philly and suiting up to play defense for the Flyers?

  11. Roughly how many days after J-roll gets traded will he say something about the fans that we will never forgive him for? I say 3 days, max.

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