Woot! Blasts Philly Fans in Today’s Daily Deal

The creative folks at WOOT!, everyone’s favorite deal of the day style website, which offers you sometimes useful products at an extreme discount, took a shot a Philly fans today. 

In the listing for their Duracell Rechargable Batteries deal – 12 for $14.99 – the site used the following description. You can probably guess what it is before reading.

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 1.35.58 PM

Oh go fuck off.

Now, I can tell you that, at a previous job, I worked quite a bit with Woot! to promote some clients’ offers. Woot!’s point person at the time (two years ago) for these sorts of deals was a huge Cowboys fan (promise you I’m not making this up) from Dallas, where the company is based. And judging by his Linkedin– he still works there. Now, I’m not quite enough of an asshole to give you his email address, if only because he once bought my boss and I lunch at an expensive New York City restaurant, but I can tell you he is a portly fellow who spent two hours talking about dem Cowboys when all I wanted to do was eat my gratis Kobe sliders and get out of there.

Anyway, congratulations, Nathan Woot! marketing guy, you just got some free publicity for your deal.

via Philly.com


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  1. Kyle!! haha, you know that I also know the good old folks at Woot, specifically Deals.Woot (ahhh affiliate marketing). I’m seeing Nathan in 2 days at Affiliate Summit East – maybe I’ll throw a battery at him?

  2. Well, Woot’s HQ are in Texas. It is acceptable for them to be Dallas fans.
    People born and raised outside of Greater Dallas and whose parents have never lived in the Dallas area, but are Dallas fans, are the people I cannot stand. Those bandwagon fans should have a hot poker through their balls.

  3. I was at the Cardinals Phillies game as a young teenage and remember the battery throw at J.D. Drew, awesome time.

  4. Hey chance, get a life and stop trolling the internet all day and maybe someone will suck your dick once in a while. Of course, first you’d have to find it and then dust it off. Don’t forget the cobwebs encasing your balls!

  5. I think very little of the media nitwits who come up with the same, lame, tired, old attacks on Philly fans.
    I think even less of the Philly fans who get upset by this same. lame crap.
    Get over it. Who gives a PHUCK!!!

  6. i am done with people not embracing this. i am proud that other fans fear us, opposing players dont want to come here, that the media hates us. it fuels me because this is my city and it is better than every other city there ever was. be proud that we are the fiercest fans in the world and not some punks that cant back it up.

  7. Funny how fools like Andrew Dixon believe any single Philadelphia sports fan’s behavior applies to all Philadelphia sports fans. Funnier still is how Andrew Dixon thinks Philadelphia fans are insulted by the continual barrage of low-fruit bogus sports media whining constantly about Philadelphia. Seems to me all the other fan bases are so terrified of Philadelphia, its sports teams, and its fans that they need to perpetuate negativity about the City of Brotherly Love’s sports fans, and that give those Philadelphia sports fans more power. Your failure to grasp simple social dynamics as they relate to sports and sports fandom is quite evident.
    Andrew, bud, you’re a dipshit. Stay free, but stay away from topics you are unqualified to discuss, such as this topic.
    The first time I ever saw a battery thrown at a player during a sporting event was asshole Islanders fans throwing batteries on the ice at the Nassau Coliseum in the late 70s. The second time I saw batteries thrown at athletes was at Madison Square Garden, also in the late 70s.
    Hey, WOOT!, pretend Philadelphia fans invented throwing batteries to prop up your half-assed business model and your half-assed fan-base, which will never, ever be as awesome as the Philadelphia sports fan-base is and will always be.

  8. I want to get tickets to Richard III , 2 pm manteie. It seems like that ought to be possible on July 9, 16,17, 30 & Aug. 6. But some of these dates appear to conflict with As You Like It dates. Please clarify. Thanks, FB

  9. Everyone seems to be jetting off to New Zealand at the mmneot. It’s really odd. Why is it suddenly such an attractive destination? Or have I only just noticed, and it always has been?I’d like to go to Tokyo, personally. I might even do just that some time next year once I have some savings! It’s nearly ten years since I was last abroad. Far too long!

  10. Fucking wonderful. My inunarsce won’t cover it anymore, and my pharmacy can’t stock the generic until they get rid of their current stock of Allegra at $136 a pop.I can’t get it for two weeks, and I was supposed to get my allergy shots this week, which I can’t do without taking allergy meds beforehand.

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