Your Morning Carts: I Sat with the Stanley Cup in Front of a Flyers Flag in My Frat Boy Living Room Edition!

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 9.44.49 AM
Here’s a giant punch in the dick for your Friday morning. A microcosmy picture of Jeff Carter. His dad. A beer. Winter Classic seat cushions. A Toronto Maple Leafs trash can. A Nascar hat. And the Stanley Cup. All positioned in front of a Flyers flag in a frat house-looking living room with a Goodyear tire as coffee table and a cumshot sofa.



20 Responses

  1. Very appropriate that the trash-can is a Toronto Maple Leafs trash-can. Outstanding.
    I have one of those Flyers door-flags from a playoff game a few seasons ago. Crappy give-away at the door.

  2. Time to get over the trade, Kyle. Carts and Richie played very different roles for the Kings than they did with us.

  3. PDB, I’m glad you brought that up. The implied argument that Holmgren is a bonehead due to the fact that he traded two eventual Stanley Cup champions is a weak one. Carter and Richards were looked at as two of the leaders of the Flyers’ team. On the Kings, they were complementary parts of an already-good team with a red-hot goalie.

  4. Too funny. Love the tire. Smart with his money vs. Desean who’s broke already and wants to re-up on his contract.

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