A Brand New, Somewhat Uncomfortable, Sarge Remix

I’m back. After 10 days in London and Paris, roughly 30 miles of walking, a whole lot of food (some good, some bad) and drink, and 12 hours on a British Airways 777 yesterday that was diverted to Atlantic City because of weather and being low fuel, I am back, in my insanely comfortable leather chair, blogging. I’m sure I’ll have much more on the trip, goofy Brits, the not-so-rude French, and the omnipresent Queen in the coming days, but for now, LET’S HIT IT! 

Our friend Dave Gibson, from WMGK, put together yet another brilliant Sarge remix, this one called Slide Piece. Basically, it’s three minutes of Sarge saying things that vacillate between creepy and confusing, with T-Mac and Wheels serving as the uncomfortable accomplice. Give it a listen while I try to figure out what the hell time it is and what country I’m in, and get intimate with my Keurig, which thankfully won’t ask me if I want a "Cafe Americano." It will just make the damn thing, and it will do it with a smile.

[Here’s Dave’s original Sarge remix]

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  1. Jay –
    I couldn’t agree more. WTF is this shit on the site? The NFL is kicking off TODAY. The Eagles open up this weekend. The Phillies are a disaster.
    Instead of that shit, we’re getting some hack slap-stick garbage from a fucking radio station that my grandparents listen to.

  2. My roommate was on that same flight. He said the turbulence sucked on that flight. Was your luggage on the wrong flight as well?

  3. Kyle, get back to work now before Mommy slaps the &^%$ out of you. You must handle this vacation thing much differently in the future. Now go get Mommy a Meister Brau from the fridge and bring my bunion grinder with you.

  4. You can never make people happy….However, CB has enough of a following to tell some of those unhappy readers to F-Off…The purpose of the site is to provide entertainment, which is by nature subjective…if you don’t like it, don’t read it – but to bitch about it? (I know I’m a hypocrite) Stop…because no one cares.

  5. Can they get rid of Tom McCarthy and if so what are the chances that they do? I can handle losing baseball but I can’t fucking listen to him anymore. He has to be the worst announcer in the league and the Phillies have to know that.

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