A Handy Spreadsheet to Keep Track of the Wild Card Race

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The Phillies have played themselves back into a race, and that means CB readers are wasting an inordinate amount of time at work… doing things like this: crafting a perfectly handy spreadsheet, sent in by reader Ryan, to get your through the stretch run. 

Sheet 1, Win-Loss, allows you to see the remaining games, wins, and record needed to make the playoffs for the Phillies, Pirates, Cardinals and Dodgers. You can manipulate the games remaining and wins fields to keep track of A) how many games each team has remaining, B) how many total wins they have, and C) what record needs to be achieved in that team's final games to clinch a playoff spot. It’s a bit of work, but allows you to play out all scenarios on paper.

If you have a little more time (which some of you undoubtedly do), then you can go over to Sheet 2, Game-By-Game, where you can project each team’s remaining games and see how everything will wind up. Ryan defaulted the Cardinals to going 10-11 over their final 21 games. If that happens, the Phillies would need to finish 15-6 to tie them. Unlikely, but hardly impossible. 

Without counting, I went game-by-game for the Phillies. I came up with this: 

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 4.00.39 PM 

That would put the Phillies at 14-7 over their final 21 games– one game back of a Cardinals, if the Cards finish 10-11. So close.

The spreadsheet should keep you busy for a few hours… or the rest of the season. Should open in Excel or Numbers: Phillies Game-By-Game


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  1. Google Docs only gives two options:
    -No one can edit it, which means you can’t change the numbers / wins/losses to see how it changes everything
    -Everyone can edit it, in which case anyone can go in and accidentally mess up the formulas or vandalize it, etc. There’s no way to lock certain cells and make others editable
    The guy that spend my workday making this.

  2. the fightins took issue with me when i started using the same ticket service they did, not selling phillies tickets at that point, mind you. meech pitched a fit saying i should have “asked him” to use that service (which about 10 other blogs all use now) and that was the start of the issue. they went out of business because meech is too busy to keep the site running and, im guessing, couldn’t figure out a way to make enough money from it.
    last month, i wrote something criticizing one of their guys, ryan, who faked a jon heyman account on twitter then made fun of all the media folks who picked up on it. that basically sent all the fightins guys over the edge and they troll on me on twitter every chance they get. often will say i make **** up, steal stuff from the 700 level, generally call me out on everything i do.
    nothing to defend, that’s the deal with the site and the fightins. i work my ass off with the site and turned it into a full-time gig and opened a bunch of doors for myself in the process. got a lot of help along the way from 97.5, 610, nbc, fox etc who have all mentioned us.

  3. I was at the bar on Sunday for the Birds and there were like 8 tv’s but no Phils on. Redzone + Direct tv for other NFL Games. Can’t wait to see if that will still be the case this Sunday. 4 Games back is crazy!! And does anybody else think that people cheering loudly for Fantasy shit that directly conflicts with the Birds best interests is annoying? I’m 31 and these younger Kids are barely even watching the Birds but going crazy for Garcon and RGIII and other players that an Eagles fan should want to do horribly. Like Matt Ryan vs KC for potential tie-breakers for playoffs. I’m like what’s the prize, a G-Stack or something? There like it’s for free. For some reason that pissed me off esp when they claimed they were Eagles fans. It’s like hearing people bitch about their bad beats in poker when the craze was just starting to take off a few years ago.

    I hate all of you
    NO LOVE,
    The Great Beez Nutz

    Funny how your site content does a complete John Kerry almost overnight. 3 days ago, we were lucky if we got an ‘end of days’ post once a week.

  6. You need to add at least two more wins, Kyle. No way the Phils don’t take 3 out of 4 down in Houston and no way they don’t take 2 out of 3 vs. the Natty Light boys in their final series of the season at CBP. What would be sweet would be if the Nats decide to play a bunch of kids in the final series in Washington, figuring that they’ve already clinched, which would allow the Phils to sweep them and get into the playoffs… only to come back and beat the Nats in the playoffs en route to the Series.

  7. Trolling on other dudes sites is just sad..maybe the website shut down bc the owners has the maturity of 15 yr old boys?

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