Al Pacino May Play Joe Paterno in a Movie

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So when you casted that Penn State movie in your head, did you have Al Pacino as candidate to play Joe Pa? I did. reports that Pacino may play Paterno in a movie that is currently being shopped in Hollywood based on Sports Illustrated writer Joe Posnanski’s recent biography, Paterno. More:

The narrative arc of the movie that will be shopped is obvious. A man becomes the winningest coach in college football history and builds a powerhouse football program that turns him into a campus deity. When his former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is revealed to be a pedophile and it comes out Paterno was told and helped hide the scandal, the coach was summarily fired.


Interestingly, the first movie to be made here could focus on Paterno, not the Sandusky allegations themselves. From a storytelling perspective, that might be the better feature film – hero coach turned enemy – instead of a near docudrama about the facts surrounding Sandusky and his crimes (that might be better reserved for TV). admits that it’s still very early in the process, so don’t expect to see the movie anytime soon. If it gets made at all. The real challenge, I suppose, will be filming it before Pacino joins Joe Pa at the big crusty, Italian guy lounge in the sky.


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  1. I’ve been saying awhile now I’m gone write a movie called the Lyin Lion. It’s going to be about paterno. My 2 big movie stars were going to be Joe Pesci as Paterno. John travolta will be playing Sandusky. It’s a work in progress but has potential

  2. and by ‘helped hide the scandal’ you meant reported the incident to his superior, whose ineptitude and callous arrogance along with administrator in charge of campus police failed to notify the appropriate investigative agency, right Kyle? Or is that how hollywood will play it?

  3. travolta as sandusky, eric stoltz at McQueary. remember him, the guy who actually witnessed the event then ran out of there like a scared puppy and left the kid in there with the monster

  4. The same “superiors” who, after asking JoePa, decided not to take it further? JoePa had no superiors. They acted on his instructions to handle Sandusky “humanely”

  5. anything for a profit. i wonder when the casey anthony lifetime film will come out.

  6. Aaron Russo directed “Trading Places”
    He met with Nick Rockefeller…..who told him the future.

    Man ruins everything he touches.

  7. Mcqueary- should be played by Danny Bonaduce. He’s do a great job at slamming a locker;
    Big Scott Pa- played by Jack Black
    Sandusky- played by Steve Buscemi

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