Brian Dawkins Will Join ESPN as an Analyst

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The 2005 Eagles* continue to assimilate into the media world.

Yesterday, Ryan detailed for you how Donovan McNabb will join the NFL Network as an analyst** (since confirmed). He will be part of Playbook, which airs Friday nights at 8 p.m.

Now today, ESPN announced that Brian Dawkins will join their little network: []

Nine-time Pro Bowl safety Brian Dawkins is joining ESPN as a NFL analyst.  He will appear on studio programs throughout the year such as SportsCenter, NFL Live, Audibles and NFL32. He will make his debut on Audibles on Thursday, Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. ET, alongside Keyshawn Johnson, Jerry Rice and Marcellus Wiley. 


Nice. Everyone loves them some B-Dawk (though I tend to think the adulation tossed his way by some Philly folks is creepy). It was already announced that Dawkins would join Mike Missanelli at 4:10 on Fridays on 97.5 The Fanatic, which is obviously an affiliate of ESPN.

*I don’t know if you can really assign a year to that era of Eagles football, mostly because NFC Championship losses blur together. So, I go with 2005, the year in which they played in the Super Bowl and the title year of perhaps the best ever version of Madden, when Defensive Playmaker was introduced and I was completely unstoppable with the Truck Stick and B-Dawk. 2005 Eagles.

**Is it bad that since I always forget how to spell "analyst," I use the memory helper "anal cyst" to remember? Like, that's weird, right? Yeah, thought so. Carry on.


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  1. 2005 Eagles were awful 5-11 record T.O. did situps on the front lawn and Mike Mchmanon was your OB after FIVE went down….2004 the eagles went 13-3 and finally won a NFC championship but the superbowl was played in 2005 but the season that followed was awful… just saying.. can we get more lisa hillary dancing in heels with hockey sticks

  2. “I tend to think the adulation tossed his way by some Philly folks is creepy”
    How abou the adulation you toss the Flyers way everytime they are in public. ERMAHGERD Clerd GGGerew and Scert Herrrtnel drinking with the locals!! I must post a pic of it!

  3. “I tend to think the adulation tossed his way by some Philly folks is creepy”
    This, coming from the guy who regaled us with the daily Carts update? Pot, meet kettle. Meanwhile, now I have a reason to watch NFL Network. I’m sure Dawkins will do well.

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