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The folks over at The Philly Post got their hands on the top 100 Philly customers of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board from 2011. For a store or establishment to buy liquor or wine in Pennsylvania, they must go through the PLCB. So, this is a good measure of who moves the most product (or has the most useless inventory) in Philly.

Who bought the most? Del Frisco’s. Aided by their three-story wine tower, the high-end steakhouse bought $879,127 worth of goods from the PLCB last year.

That’s swell and all, but I found some more notable customers: 

Delilah’s Den bought the most among strip clubs. They came in at number seven, with $582,304 worth of purchases. That’s a lot of titties doused in Andre.

Citizens Bank Park, which you would think would buy mostly beer, not liquor, came in at number 34, with $319,605 worth of purchases. That’s interesting, because I’m willing to bet they’re selling the goods for at least 5x its worth. So, figure they sold about $1.5 million (just a guess) worth of liquor and wine last season. And that’s probably a low number.

And that doesn’t include number 66 on the list– McFadden’s Ballpark, who bought $221,591 worth of liquor and wine in 2011. 

Allen Iverson would be proud of number 73 on the list– T.G.I. Friday’s on City Line. They bought $208,802 worth of goods from the PLCB last year. You know, just in case the Answer ever came by.

Read the full list here