Citizens Bank Park Purchased $319,605 Worth of Liquor and Wine Last Year

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The folks over at The Philly Post got their hands on the top 100 Philly customers of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board from 2011. For a store or establishment to buy liquor or wine in Pennsylvania, they must go through the PLCB. So, this is a good measure of who moves the most product (or has the most useless inventory) in Philly.

Who bought the most? Del Frisco’s. Aided by their three-story wine tower, the high-end steakhouse bought $879,127 worth of goods from the PLCB last year.

That’s swell and all, but I found some more notable customers: 

Delilah’s Den bought the most among strip clubs. They came in at number seven, with $582,304 worth of purchases. That’s a lot of titties doused in Andre.

Citizens Bank Park, which you would think would buy mostly beer, not liquor, came in at number 34, with $319,605 worth of purchases. That’s interesting, because I’m willing to bet they’re selling the goods for at least 5x its worth. So, figure they sold about $1.5 million (just a guess) worth of liquor and wine last season. And that’s probably a low number.

And that doesn’t include number 66 on the list– McFadden’s Ballpark, who bought $221,591 worth of liquor and wine in 2011. 

Allen Iverson would be proud of number 73 on the list– T.G.I. Friday’s on City Line. They bought $208,802 worth of goods from the PLCB last year. You know, just in case the Answer ever came by.

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  1. So $31m in booze from all 100 places. Let’s just think how much of that helped us out in propery tax relief? The LCB is outdated and awful.

  2. I can’t believe that the Well isn’t on here, given that it hosts Sixers and Flyers.
    I wonder what XFinity Live’s combined amount was?

  3. What a useless post from a 100% dickless author who thinks he is the sports version of Dan Fucking Gross.
    Your mother and wife are disappointed in you, as they should be.

  4. Sadly $100,000 of that booze was wasted when the best team in Phillies history pulled the biggest choke job after going ice-cold last September.
    Last year, I said it was the end of an era and was told I was nuts. When is our first playoff game this year????

  5. PLCB has a warehouse near the airport where they store the “damaged cases”. Like one broken bottle in a case.
    My uncle was Eastern Pa Market manager for jack Daniels. They did four million cases a year.

  6. @The Duke – Beat it you front running pansy. Stop with this end of an era stuff. One bad year doesn’t mean the end. Good organizations don’t rebuild, they retool. This team will be back in the playoffs next year. In the next few years we will really see how far this organization has come. Two of your best players spent the first half of the season on the DL. I’m not sure there is any team in baseball that realistically could’ve stayed afloat with the loss of so much offensive production.

  7. FYI – The Phillies bought a good amount of their liquor from Jersey.. I also know for a fact that whenever they needed champagne for all of their celebrations after division wins and such they would buy it from canals in marlton, nj. Even their tall 24 oz cans that some players would rather celebrate with over champagne was too purchased at canals in nj. Think about that one people. Lets get the facts strait.

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