Cole Hamels to Appear on “Top Chef” Spinoff

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Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Shane Victorino have appeared in TV shows that mostly fit their respective personalities– Utley and Howard in It’s Always Sunny, Howard in Entourage, and Victorino in Hawaii Five-0.

So, perhaps it’s fitting that Cole Hamels will make an appearance on Bravo.

On their Facebook page, The Hamels Foundation posted this screen grab of a brief cameo Hamels made in a trailer for Life After Top Chef, a new show coming to Bravo this fall about the hectic lives of chefs after they appear on Top Chef. Sounds tasty.

No details on what role Cole (and presumably Heidi) will play on the show, but it’s not their first appearance on reality TV. In 2009, the couple appeared in Baseball Wives on E!. Perhaps Cole will be starring on FOX this fall, too.

Cole cameo at :24 in the video after the jump.


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  1. I would enjoy it if Cole and Heidi made a porno and released it on video. I’d buy that shit. Kyle, think of this when you’re searching for a Christmas gift for Mommy. Hell yeah. MMMM Just the thought of it is making me squirm in my adult diaper.. fuck yeah. Whoops, I messed. KYLE!!! Bring the hose, shovel, and a garbage bag!!

  2. We talkin’ about the Hamels Family and TV shows?
    How do you ignore the perfect opening to mention Heidi’s start to fame was with TV Hit show Survivor and her naked romp on the show, which lead to her posing in Playboy, which lead to her meeting Cole, which lead to CB posting censored pics of the Playboy shoot.
    Oh yeah… that last part didnt happen yet.

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