DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy Celebrate (?) at G Lounge

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Through the magic of the intertubes (and the Facebook account of Kim Dashing-Kardashian) we get a glimpse inside the post-game celebration of NFL players.

Late last night, following yesterday’s convincing (?) Eagles win against the Browns, Dashing Kim posted some pictures from G Lounge with watch brothers “Dashawn Jackson” and what appears to be LeSean McCoy (Dick Stockton would call this LeSean Jackson). Shady looked like he was about eight sheets to the wind. Behold:

Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 8.47.28 AM

He's telling her: Coo…accch dnn't (burp) runn.. enuffffff

Jason Peters was there too, apparently:

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Players have off the day after a game, so the post-game party is nothing new in the NFL (I think Eagles afterparties are a bit of a thing at G Lounge). But we’ll cross our fingers that the Birds thought long and hard about who they brought home. 

H/T to our man Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner)


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  1. McCoy aside, I’d be fairly embarrassed to show my face in public immediately after that pathetic excuse for a game…………………but layin pipe does trump all.

  2. They need to step their game up in the female department. I wouldn’t bang a one of those chicks and I’m not a multi millionaire.

  3. I like how DJax looks like he’s checkin out a little blondie off to the side while posing for a pic with those two chicks.

  4. Super Bowl Baby! future baby mama drama for da champs… The slunt McCoy is with could definitely stick her face in some dough and make some gorilla cookies.

  5. It took until the 59th minute of yesterday’s game to beat a bottom feeder with a rookie quarterback who finished up with a 5.1 rating, and they had the GALL to party with some street corner skanks afterward? Are you kidding me? Pathetic!

  6. Apparently the post game tail that these guys get is directly correlated to their preformance on the field.

  7. For once, these comments are totally appropriate.

  8. First fore most I @the wrong person so please don’t b so quick to post things that r not know facts….it was a mistake on my behalf …so please take that pic of tiona247 down… thank u

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