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Through the magic of the intertubes (and the Facebook account of Kim Dashing-Kardashian) we get a glimpse inside the post-game celebration of NFL players.

Late last night, following yesterday’s convincing (?) Eagles win against the Browns, Dashing Kim posted some pictures from G Lounge with watch brothers “Dashawn Jackson” and what appears to be LeSean McCoy (Dick Stockton would call this LeSean Jackson). Shady looked like he was about eight sheets to the wind. Behold:

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He's telling her: Coo…accch dnn't (burp) runn.. enuffffff

Jason Peters was there too, apparently:

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Players have off the day after a game, so the post-game party is nothing new in the NFL (I think Eagles afterparties are a bit of a thing at G Lounge). But we’ll cross our fingers that the Birds thought long and hard about who they brought home. 

H/T to our man Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner)