Did The Washington Nationals Come Close to Selling Out Their Playoff Clincher?

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No. No they didn't.

The Wasington Nationals clinched a playoff spot last night, and they even held a cute celebration despite not yet having locked up the NL East. Fans, however, surely must be waiting for that division clincher, because only 30,359 were on hand to show their Natitude on this night.

Nationals Park’s capacity is 41,487. 

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The folks at DC Sports Bog have some thoughts on these kind of ridiculous t-shirts Nats players were wearing:

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And yes, my grapes are sour. Don’t touch them.


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  1. Can’t wait until Nats fans comment on this bragging about them being 1st and not the Phillies. Somehow their argument is supposed to defend their lacking fan support.

    1. lol cant wait to see all the phillies fans at cbp this year. not lol. fucking losers.

    2. It’s funny how things change over the years. CBP was a GHOST TOWN all year. I mean there were games that I watched on TV where I was legitimately embarrassed for the entire shitty of Philthydelphia.

  2. um… correct me if I’m wrong, this is coming from the city with the “best baseball fans”. In 2005 (I think) the phils were a couple games behind the astros for the wild card(whatever the year was where they lost to them every game)… anywho. It was dollar dog night, and they were playing those astros in like september or late august… and I walked up to the window and bought lower level tickets at the “cit” and there was like 25 thousand people there.
    let’s not talk shit when the stadium slowly starts to empty when they are losing. Every one of my sunday games attendance dropped for a long time there.
    I just looked up those houston games, I lied.. there was 36000 for the dollar dog night, and 30,000 for the other 2 games OF A SEPTEMBER WILD CARD CHASING GAME !!!
    at least the nats consistantly dont show up, I’d prefer that to a bunch of fair weather non educated fans.

  3. Also, they refer to the Phillies as the Filthies. There’s a special circle of hell for people who use that term, along with Faux News, Taxachusetts, etc., etc.

  4. what’s that? oh, that was a stupid comment from someone with a natitude. stay proud of consistently not showing up for games. be careful or they may send you back to montreal.

  5. Hey Phillies fans! Just wanted to say that I’m so excited my son and his Nats teammates will be playing on through October this year! GOOOOO BRYCE!
    And Mr. Hamels… gfy.

  6. Another post / last ditch effort to make your “takeover” seem like it wasn’t a fail
    Beez Nutz

  7. I am a phillies fan and season ticket holder you idiot.
    Talking about other fans is stupid when the phillies fans are the most fair weather fans I have ever seen.
    let’s make fun of people not showing up to a game, when people only show up to phillies games when they are good.
    I couldnt GIVE my season tickets away for 2 sunday games I couldnt make… for free. The last couple years prior I would make money when I had to sell a pair.

  8. @whats that?
    You’d rather have no fans opposed to fair-weather fans? lol
    If the Nats clinch a playoff berth an none one is around to see it, does it really matter?

  9. “At least the nats consistently don’t show up”. Seriously? What in the hell kind of argument is that? Can’t believe you wasted keystrokes on THAT stirring comeback.
    Meanwhile, I guess this phenomena called gNatitude isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, given last night’s crowd. No matter, Washington’s upcoming stay in the postseason will be a short one, as in one and done, I see that team as having “Happy To Be Here Disease”, just like the 2011 Reds who everyone was scared of, only to see them wilt like flaccid dicks when the Phils swept them out in the first round.

  10. Don’t speak for the entire Phils fan base. Some of us sat through the dog years in the Vet and remember the days when Robert Person was this team’s SP on opening day.
    Also Beez, you and warbiscuit should gfy and procreate the anti-Philly fan.

  11. Skipping two Sunday games…whats that? sounds like you are a fair weather fan. Pot meet kettle.

  12. Are you fucking kidding me. So your point that we’re fair weather fans is that we had 30,000 people show up to support a team that ONCE AGAIN fucking lost the the houston fucking astros-once again as they stood games back of the wild card.
    Now let’s jump forward 7 years to a team that has never made the playoffs and said team cannot draw to see what may be a once in a lifetime experience for the nationals “fans”.
    And meanwhile, that same night the reds drew 15,000 out, the orioles 20,000, Detroit 13,000, the twins a whopping 13,000 (as you’ll recall they had a great year that year and made the playoffs) and to cap it off, your world series champions of 2005 the chicago whitesox, a grand total of 18,513. Yeah. Our support for the team really fucking blows. We sure are some fair weather sons of bitches.

  13. @Tomante
    So thinking Kyle’s Nat fan bashing is beyond queer makes me hate philly sports … excellent deductive reasoning on your behalf.

  14. they have fans, just not a sell out every night.
    hey since I am so wrong, and phillies fans are so great.. lets look at the week before the phillies made their first playoff appearance in a while back in 07. The last 12 games of the season they averaged 37000 fans (about 85% full not counting that they can squeeze 48-50K in there). While the nats were 77% full. There were many games in september of that season they had around 30,000, a bunch in the 20’s
    Dear natitude, we did like 10-15% better attendance wise than you did before you made the playoffs.
    I know making fun of things is fun, especially washington… but if you observed the attendance you would know that it was no different here, and this is the BEST BASEBALL FAN TOWN EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO GOOD, SO GOOD, that we had 10-15% more fans come to our games when our team was almost in the playoffs… fart noise.

  15. @whats
    dont waste your finger strength … i got blasted most all season for telling them the truth as well.
    Just like all there excuses about the Bryce Harper debut numbers …
    these people suck you’ll realize soon enough (except for Deez Nutz and Teez Nutz, they good shit)

  16. haha well it’s just nice to see that 1 person can see the same thing I see. That makes it worth it

  17. Wether or not the sell out playoff games will absolutely depend on the opponent. They’ll need to play a team with a national following. That’s one sad fuckin statement, maybe they can give out cardboard standees and ask all the Gnattidude’s to put’em in the empty seats. Although, that will certainly fuck up the wave.

  18. I would also like to point out, that the nattitude thing is no less annoying and douchy than every 4 aces shirt, every 5th day is a halladay, and every doc/doctober reference are.
    just an FYI.

  19. @sd, look at the 2007 attendance, which was also a 3 year old stadium… so that drew people.
    many games there were under 20,000. That shit will happen anywhere on a weekday night.
    They were middle of the pack in attendance in 06 and 07 in the NL. Not number 1, and were not even number 1 until 2010.

  20. @whats that – cool your jets baby. let’s all play nice. no need for hostilities. it’s friday.

  21. Sour grapes is all i’m seeing here. The NLDS home games are basically sold out already. 30,000 is a good number for a non-baseball town like DC. Go Nats.

  22. there’s just so much intelligence going on!
    there’s a reason why, and it’s pretty simple. anyone and everyone your age (unless your 8) was born an Orioles fan, there wasn’t baseball in DC then. I mean, if the A’s moved back to Philly tomorrow and only 30,000 fans, then we could read all the DC posts about how Philly fans are the worst.
    but would you really give up on the Phillies if the a’s came back? But DC surrounding-residents should give up on the Orioles and instantly cheer for DC? After growing up with Cal?

  23. This is what citizens bank park will look like for years to come, only with less people and no winning. Phillys a dump. losers.

  24. Lol. I am aware that this article is two years old and all but I am having a great time reading all these comments from Philthies fans who were just CERTAIN that the Nationals were a flash in the pan. I didn’t see a single “Citizen’s Bank Park: South” T-shirt all year… I wonder why. I haven’t heard a goddamn peep out of the Philthies since June! It just seems to me that there is a new Sheriff in town, and it ain’t the fucking Philthies.

    Enjoy the basement for the next 8-10 years you sad collection of losers.


    -Every Phillthies fan on Earth in 2005.

    You guys should see if they’d let that squad compete in some regional High School tournaments to work on the basics.

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