Donovan McNabb Will Bring His Passive Aggressive Thoughts to Daily News Live

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CSN announced last night that Donovan McNabb will be joining Daily News Live on Thursdays, most likely to say passive aggressive things about his former team and explain why he’s the greatest of all-time:

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 21, 2012) – Comcast SportsNet, the leader in local sports and the official cable home of the Philadelphia Eagles, welcomes former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to the network’s Eagles coverage team.  McNabb will appear every Thursday on “Daily News Live” throughout the season, starting this Thursday, Sept 27th.  This is in addition to his role as a studio analyst for the NFL Network.


I’ll look forward to this.


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  1. People shit on Mcnabb too much, dude did great things with a coach with no play calling abilities and for 99% of his career no WR’s.

  2. Never was a huge Donnie Mac fan – but he’s been loong gone and all the timeout shit is still here –
    AR – Time’s yours

  3. Vick and Reid suck. I was laughing my ass off at the fumble return. Those two bums together can not win a super bowl. Vick is no where near the QB McNabb was. Stop ripping the best QB this city has ever seen. You look the fool.

  4. at least #5 could dump the ball off to his RB. Whatever happen to the eagles being the best in the NFL at screen passes? Got a top 3 RB, use him

  5. The sad part is 5 in his prime could of led this team to a SB with this team, minus Reid and Morninwoods offensive game plan. 5 runs in the 1st half? ha ha ha

  6. did #5 ever get blindsided from his right?
    how the phuck can Vick get blindsided from his left ??
    No 5 was smart eoungh to win despite AR – Vick is not smart enough to be a multi-millionaire and stay out of jail

  7. Whatever animosity I had towards McNabb (and it was little to begin with) is long gone, but seriously, this is a bad idea. I could think of a dozen former Eagles who could do a better job on DNL than McNabb, and the possibility that he’ll come into this gig with an agenda, given how his stormy tenure with the Eagles ended is considerable. Remember, we’re talking about a guy doesn’t forgive or forget, hell, he’s STILL butthurt over draft day thirteen years ago. On top of that, anyone who doesn’t think he’ll drop Comcast like a live hand grenade the second a team comes calling for his services is delusional. But yeah, Donnie Drama will certainly make things lively here on Fridays, no doubt about that.

  8. I think it is ridiculous if he is going to come on and give his politically correct BS. Is he going to be honest about topics about his tenure here or is he going to give some jokey smiley ass answer? This is not Mitch Williams willing to swallow his lumps

  9. I think he should open up each show with that awesome air guitar he played before getting pummeled at the Wildcard game in Dallas!
    Cant he just go away?

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