“EatDatPussy” was Not Happy with Yesterday’s Ass Kicking

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Feeling a little sluggish this Monday? Finding it hard to get going on this cool fall morning? Well then! Let EDP445 wake you up with his mid-game Eagles rant, entitled Nnamdi Get The Fuck Out Of Philly (This is a fucking travesty).* The target of his ire (and mine)? Nnamdi Asomugha, the supposed best man corner in the league, who continuously gets torched, confused, and can’t tackle.

As usual, the Pussy puts it better than any TV analyst could. With a few N-words added into the mix. 

Nnamdi Asomugha, you bum-ass, big-lipped, hi-top fade-wearing motherfucker– ni$$a, pack your shit and get the fuck out the city of Philadelphia. You keep getting burnt, you keep getting torched. This team fucking sucks, my ni$$a!”

Joe Jackson mad.

*Fucking LOVE the parenthesis.

Jump it for the video.


18 Responses

  1. Does anyone happen to have Eat dat pussy’s Phone number? Anyone? Kyle won’t give it to me, the ingrate. I guess the possibility of me having his “uncle eat dat pussy” over for a mid day snack makes him a bit uncomfortable.

  2. Damn I wish this guy was a Phillies fan…
    he needs to replace The Guv on Post game..Sit him right next to Ray Diddy..

  3. Every Monday morning we have to here what EatDatPussy has to say? Even though I don’t have better things to do, I’ll just say I do.

  4. The receiver makes a cut Nnamdi bursts into flames. Izel Jenkins called. He said: “Damn, I thought I used to get burnt!”

  5. This so made my morning especially right now as I get to hear the typical Andy Reid day after press conference. Times yours

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