Ed Hochuli Did Pushups When He Found Out Lockout was Over, is Baffled by his Twitter Popularity

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Ed Hochuli hysteria has reached a tipping point. I think the NFL should let him wear a Superman t-shirt – tight, of course – to whatever game he refs this weekend (unknown as of yet). Or go sleeveless. If they’re smart, they’ll assign him to the Sunday Night Giants-Eagles game, so he can flex his guns on national TV and get a raucous Philly cheer when he emphatically signals first down!!!!!!

I’m sorry– I’m getting more excited for that possibility than the game.

Anyway, the whole Hochuli thing isn’t a joke, he really is a workout nut… or a brilliant self-promoter. NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington, who looks a lot like the Bachelorette’s Chris Bukowski, spoke with Hochuli:

That’s genuinely awesome. 

Darlington has more from Hochuli, though he inexplicably left the pushups quote out of his column

"Why does it matter if I have a reaction?" Hochuli told NFL.com. "Why? Who am I? My kid told me I'm trending on Twitter. What does that even mean?"

After a thorough explanation to Hochuli about his unprecedented popularity — after making him realize he's now culturally cooler than Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer combined — Hochuli responded with something unintentionally deep.

"I haven't done a thing or said a thing in months, and my popularity has risen," said Hochuli, who eventually agreed to allow his quotes to be published. "I should just stay out of sight. Isn't it amazing?"


Hochuli told Darlington that officials have taken 18 rules tests and watched hours and hours of video. 

Good to have the A-team back. 


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  1. EdHoc is a legend
    But I think Steratore doing tonight’s game is underrated. He looks like he is a cool italian dude who saunters on camera almost looking around to make sure no one hears him droppnig a dime. I think he’s connected.

  2. lotsa closet dwellers on here. you really get excited by a 60 year old lawyers biceps? what went wrong with this blog?

  3. @MM agree totally these guys need to question their manhood,I mean what kind of man gets excited about seeing another mans’ arms.

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