Ed Rendell Calls Jayson Werth an “Ass”

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I don’t know that Ed Rendell’s opinios carry much weight anymore (since. we’re. not. quite. sure. what. he. does.), but I’ve always enjoyed his passionate Phillyfanisms, and I’m kind of glad Greg Bucceroni didn’t put a fucking bullet in his head. So, when the former Gov calls Jayson Werth an “ass,” I”m happy to give it some ink. Or bits. Whatever. 

Ed Rendell, speaking to the WIP Morning Show: [CBS Philly]

“Well, it’s a seven letter word, Angelo, and the first letter is “A” and the last letter is “E”!,”


It’s too early for Wheel of Fortune.*

“I mean, Jayson Werth is a complete ass! You’re right, the fans did make his career. We made him a star, and we got him that contract. Players are nuts. The fans are great to Jayson Werth. Even Donovan [McNabb], he had some difficulty with the fans, but he acknowledged how great Eagles fans were when it came to winning or losing games. And this is the same guy, Jayson Werth, compare him to what Cliff Lee said about Philly fans, or what Cole Hamels said, this year, about the Philly fans. It’s nuts! I think he’s got to be a little off kilter.”


Never mind that Rendell couldn’t go one thought without bringing up Donovan McNabb (who will be making his debut on Daily News Live tonight!), I'd like to solve his puzzle: Jayson Werth is an a_ _ _ _ _ e. Asshole!

Listen to the audio after the jump.

*Is Vanna White ever going to age? My mom and dad always tell me about how, as a baby, I would sit in my little highchair, probably with a fresh load of shit, and smile when the lovely lady came on-screen (some things never change, I suppose). That was in 1985, when I was 2. Vanna is now 55. Schfifty Five! Yet she looks good in HD. It’s amazing. Also – and this keeps me up at night – like, no way her and Pat Sajak haven’t had sex, right? They’ve traveled the country together for 30 years, drinking margaritas. There’s no way they haven’t at least once made a bad decision, if even just for the integrity of the show. Anyone who’s watched has thought about it. They owed it to America to try, because, somehow, them taking each other for a test spin makes Wheel that much more legitimate. 


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  1. I could care less that ed the scumbag is a philly sports fan. As a true philly boy i would rather go to a cowboys game and get a cowboys tattoo, then have to look at ANY scumbag politician especially Obama, Mitt and Rendell…..
    He probably is not even a fan – just goes through the motions to keep all of us sheep voting for the 2 bullet ridden failed corrupt parties….

  2. Once again, it’s hardly a surprise that Werth is being an asshole, he’s been one for years now. If anything, I applaud him for being refreshingly consistent in his assholery.

  3. If Vanna is ONLY 55 (just two years older than me), then I’m hung like a goddamn rhinoceros! She looked the same way back when I watched the show in the late 80’s as she does today!

  4. wow – ‘we’ made him a star, ‘we’ got him paid –
    get over it Philly – the got crazy paid – if he was black you’ll’d be haters
    he’s white so you’re all just jealous
    grow up – move on

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