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Do you think Shane Victorino will be tweeting “go Phillies, go” while he watches the playoffs from his home in Hawaii?

I’m sorry. That was uncalled for. These are the sorts of sadistic things that run through my mind.

Let’s learn about the number 5, boys and girls. These are facts involving five. I'm doing facts this week:

Five. Five dollar foot longs. Five golden rings. Donovan McNabb. The Fifth Element. Mambo Number Five. V For Vendetta. The Fierce Five. Five For Fighting. Pat Burrell. The Phillies have won five straight and are five games back of the Cardinals for the fifth and final playoff spot. They are one win away from .500 for the first time since June 5. Kyle Kendrick threw five hitless innings and Domonic Brown hit a monster home run in the fifth last night.

Let’s reword that last part: Kyle Kendrick threw five hitless innings and Domonic Brown homered in the fifth inning, leading the Phillies to their fifth straight win to pull them within five games of the fifth and final playoff spot. 

[For real, watch Dom Brown spank this ball.]

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The Cardinals and Pirates lost last night, the Brewers won, and the Dodgers were idle. That puts the Phillies five games back with 21 to play, on September 11. Think hey, this is crazy that the Phillies could have a comeback, maybe? Think again. On this date in 2008, the Phillies were 3.5 back of the division leading Mets and four games back of the Brewers for the final Wild Card spot as they began a four game set with those Brewers. They swept them and came out of the weekend tied for the Wild Card lead. And this day last year the Cardinals were 5.5 games back of the Braves for the Wild Card. 


Morning Wood returns when the lead is cut to three.


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  1. I guess everyone is going to start blowing the phillies again like a bartender blows Shane Vic a cheat on my wife Reno

  2. Kendrick gets Cy Young consideration. I actually saw that he could start 2 playoff games, even a game 5 if the team makes it to NLDS? Are you kidding me??? They wouldn’t even let a proven WS and NLCS MVP start a game 5 in the NLDS!

  3. OK here it is! Kyle back on the bandwagon….. good to see you holding off on the END OF DAYS shit…. time for the boys to grind! We true fans realize that it is a slim chance, but still a chance. Not END OF DAYS, countdown to team dismantle bullshit…. i am sure the END OF DAYS, END OF AN ERA post is waiting on standby and kyle will post after the end of this win streak…. but nice use of the number 5

  4. Look I know alot of people want to (or are going to) call foul for get back on the bandwagon, but before you do, consider this. The one constant theme that I heard through the summer on WIP and the Fanatic was “They still have a shot”. Even when they were double digits out of the race you still heard about how they have a chance.
    The fans might have been realist about the season but they never gave up hope.
    High Hopes! I can’t wait for this morning semi to turn into a full raging morning wood!

  5. Keep in mind, it’s very different to be 5 games back from 1 team than to have to pass up 3 teams, because all three of them have to choke and we must win most games (rather than just 1 team choking). We also have no games left against the teams ahead of us, which would have made it a lot easier (for example, sweeping St Louis would bring us up 3 games, whereas we could sweep Washington and potentially gain no ground on the Wildcard). We still have only about a 1% chance.

  6. ManayunkMark, check the post again. “The Cardinals and Pirates lost last night, the Brewers won, and the Dodgers were idle.”

  7. wow! welcome back ’08 fans. welcome back. some of us KNEW they weren’t out of it in June, despite their shitty record and inconsistent play. some of us STILL put up with wheels and t-mac despite the majority of Philadelphia fans screaming “SELL SELL SELL! GET BACK IN THERE AND SELL!”
    what a fickle bunch some of these fans are.

  8. God damn it JT, stop giving me a bad name. The post was changed after Mark posted. You know, editing and all that. It was because of Mark’s post Kyle went back and edited.

  9. Do you dickbags still wanna run Cliff Lee and Doc outta here…
    Please go back to acting like you watch the sport
    I hate all of you
    NO LOVE,
    The Great Beez Nutz

  10. They have 3 left against the braves, Cards just lost Berkman. At least they’re playing meaningful baseball in September. Thank god, have you seen the fucking Eagles?

  11. Oh no … I don’t even want to hear SH*T! Those fake ass fans who turned on this team in May, June and July can stay out of the park and off the bandwagon. Wanting to trade everyone, fire Charlie, get rid of Ruben and demolish Citizens Bank Park. There is no room on this ride for you posers. Even if they don’t get a spot, those of us that actually watched every painful inning and stuck with this team can enjoy the final few weeks, regardless of what happens, the rest of you can beat it. There are 6 other months of baseball, not just October.

  12. Oh this is so great. All summer all we heard about from Kyle was how the run is done, end of days etc… Now they’re making a run, and look who is all excited about it and driving the bandwagon. Also since morning wood is gone when they play bad, does that mean you only post about teams when they’re doing well? If that’s the case, what happens when the Phillies are over, the eagles blow as always, the flyers aren’t playing, and no one cares about the sixers? I guess this site will go dormant till spring?

  13. My head says it’s too little too late, but my heart says, why the hell the not? Crazy things happen in baseball all the time, just look at last year’s St. Louis Cards who got hot at just the right time and rode that momentum all the way to a World Series time. Again, why not?

  14. As much of a long shot as it may still be, if the Phils do find a way to squeak into the playoffs and win that wild card game, there will be another parade down Broad St in October. In order for that to happen the Phils will have to have lost, what? Like 2 or 3 more games the rest of the regular season? They’d be that hot team that eliminated us and won the WS the last 2 years.
    Look out.

  15. Wooooo! Alright, let’s go Phils! It’s good to be back. What did I miss? Oh, we’re still five games back? Really? Why did you all make me come out for this?! I’ll jump back on when we make it.

  16. It’s going to be tough for them to make it…still it will be an interesting end to a rough season. either way…the run of dominance is over. Any objective fan can tell you that you can’t win with all of your money going to a washed up bunch of stars. It’s going to be a slower few years, but I believe they will rebuild and be successful again in a couple of seasons.

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