Greg Bucceroni is on Dr. Phil and the Cover of the Daily News Today

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Last month, I interviewed Greg Bucceroni, the school police officer (and apparent former mobster) who claims that he was abused from 1977-1980 by powerful Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz, who died of AIDS while awaiting trial for doing all sorts of vile things to young boys. Bucceroni says that Savitz took nude photos of him and tried to pimp him out to Jerry Sandusky. 

Bucceroni has spoken to many media outlets – some independent, some mainstream – about his alleged abuse. He claims that Ed Rendell and other famous and infamous men covered up a massive child sex ring involving Savitz, Sandusky and others. [Rendell, Bucceroni says, received campaign contributions from Savitz.] 

Parts of his story are believable, other parts – specifically, the accusations against politicians and other notables – seem far-fetched. 

Today, Bucceroni will tell the story on Dr. Phil. Here’s a preview of the show:


Bucceroni is also the subject of a Daily News cover story, which basically calls him a liar. 

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Specifically, the story’s writer, William Bender, finds that Bucceroni’s claims about Rendell (the DN story cites what Bucceroni told me– that he wanted to put a fucking bullet in Rendell's head), mobsters, cops, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and others, don’t check out: []

These only scratch the surface of Bucceroni's latest allegations. None of it checks out.

Bucceroni says he told Rendell about Savitz's abuse when Rendell was D.A. in the late '70s or early '80s. Rendell said Bucceroni is lying.

"That guy is completely crazy. I don't know anything about what he's talking about, and none of it's true," Rendell said. "The guy is just crackers."

Bucceroni says that he contacted senior Deputy Attorney General Joseph McGettigan, who prosecuted the Sandusky case, in July and that McGettigan was "rude and obnoxious" and tried to talk him into giving false testimony.

"That's an absolute lie," McGettigan said. He said he doesn't know Bucceroni and doesn't recall ever speaking with him.

"The story keeps evolving and changing," said Sara Ganim, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Patriot-News reporter who broke the Sandusky story. Ganim said Bucceroni contacted her over the summer with new allegations, but couldn't provide details. Bucceroni has since been harassing her by email and with vulgar tweets, Ganim said.

"I asked him for the names of other guys in the pedophile ring, and he said he could only remember first names," Ganim said. "Now he can remember all these famous pedophiles?"

Ralph Cipriano, a former Inquirer reporter who interviewed Bucceroni for his book The Hit Man, about Philly mobster John Veasey, said he considered Bucceroni to be "spectacularly unreliable" and cut him from the book because "his facts did not seem to be reality-based."

A federal law-enforcement source familiar with Bucceroni said he is not considered credible.

"He runs around grabbing headlines," said a close relative. "That's what I think this is. Somebody needs to out him. It's not fair to the real victims."

The relative said that Bucceroni's "family is beside itself."


I agree with most of that skepticism. Here’s what I wrote in my post last month:

Bucceroni’s biographical information checks out, too. He is, in fact, who he says he is. Records show that he works as a police officer for a charter school in the city (so does the Google machine) and that he’s part of an anti-crime task force. His brother, Kevin, is the school board president in Blackwood.

But, then there are the somewhat fantastical portions of Bucceroni's story.

He was involved in mob activities until around the time he was 18, when he joined the military. He not only claims to have met Sandusky, but also to have met, worked with, or been involved in situations surrounding Mumia Abu-Jamal and the cop he was convicted of killing in 1981, Daniel Faulkner. And Henry Hill and Jimmy Burke, of Goodfellas fame. It’s a lot to digest and, if true, would make Bucceroni the Forrest Gump of unfortunate encounters. But perhaps it’s all plausible for someone involved with the mafia around that time.


The mob ties and crazy stories about being involved with such notorious criminals cast doubt on everything else Bucceroni says, and every accusation he makes. Again, the Forrest Gump thing.

And then there are the leaps to conclusions. [Some of this is re-posted from the original story.]

He says that Louis Freeh, the former FBI director who conducted an independent investigation at Penn State, never explained why his investigation went back no further than 1998. Bucceroni believes that’s because Freeh was afraid of what he might find, especially as it relates to – remember, Bucceroni’s assertions here – the mafia, which Freeh investigated and subsequently wrote a book about.

About Rendell: Bucceroni claims that Savitz was buddies with Rendell and donated a lot of money to his 1977 District Attorney campaign. He also calls Rendell an enabler, who knew full-well what Savitz was up to, citing the fact that his victims were often around Rendell and helped out with his campaign, but did nothing because Savitz was a political backer. That’s a massive leap, as it’s assumed (and noted by Bucceroni) that Savitz had contact with many powerful men, whose guilt may only be by association.

Bucceroni told me he wanted to kill Rendell when he saw him speaking out against secrecy at Penn State last fall.

Right or wrong, it’s those accusations that make you question the legitimacy of the Savitz-Sandusky story. What I wrote last month:

Bucceroni’s theories may be spot-on. But, it’s quite possible we will never know for sure. He doesn’t have any documents to share. He doesn’t want money, just for child rape enablers (he named other powerful people) to be held accountable. He says that if subpoenaed by a court, he will gladly share emails he’s sent to Abraham and McGettigan. Bucceroni wants the curtain lifted on what he claims is a massive child sex ring dating back to the 1970s. Recent reports have strengthened his claims, and the details, dates and characters in his story also check out, but there’s nothing other than his (powerful) words that place him in these situations. The details he gives are specific and there are very few inconsistencies in his recounting of events that happened over 30 years ago, so there’s no legitimate reason to doubt his tales of abuse and meeting Sandusky. The conclusions he draws from those stories, however, are, at best, theories.


But there are things, fringe details, that check out, and some of the doubts about Bucceroni may be unwarranted.

Despite the craziness of many parts of his story, I found very little evidence that Bucceroni has changed his tune. Yes, the web of evil he’s spinning seems to grow by the week, but all details are consistent throughout the numerous outlets he has spoken to. Crazy, but consistent.

Dates, times, places, and dollar amounts included in his recounting of events related to Savitz and Sandusky haven’t changed. He says he was offered $200 to have sex with Sandusky at two Second Mile events in 1979 and 1980, respectively. On both occasions, Savitz refused to leave Bucceroni overnight in Happy Valley and brought him home, once allowing Bucceroni to go back to Philly with “a fat slob,” who molested him.

Ganim, the Patriot-News reporter, wrote that Bucceroni, in the comments section of the Daily Collegian, Penn State's student newspaper, first claimed to have been a victim of Sandusky, but then changed his tune to say he was merely introduced to him. That’s wrong. I couldn’t find any instance of Bucceroni saying that Sandusky abused him (trust me, I looked). 

And then there are the very specific details, ones that are almost too specific to be completely made up.

Bucceroni told me that Savitz would have pictures of nude boys developed at Brighton Enterprises, in South Philly. As it turns out, Anthony Trombetta, whose name I discovered is on the deed at Brighton Enterprises, was convicted in 1975 on federal charges of transporting women across state lines for prostitution, and was once regarded as Philly’s porn kingpin. Philly Mag even wrote about him a few years ago.

Bucceroni claims Rendell is still friendly with the Savitz family. That’s hard to prove, but, in 2009, Rendell, as Governor, honored Selma Savitz, Ed’s sister-in-law, for her volunteer work. Rendell and Sam Savitz (Ed’s brother and Selma’s husband) also both hold or held board positions at the Kimmel Center (their respective levels of involvement are unclear, however). So, it seems they run in the same circles.

I’m not advocating for Bucceroni, trust me. I think parts of his story are fantastical. But, there are many ways to bring attention to yourself… saying you shit on another man for money (which Bucceroni says he did with Savitz) is certainly an interesting way to do that. Now, whether he has a serious ax to grind with Rendell and others, and this is just a way of doing it… well, I suppose that’s a possibility, too.

Anyway, the Daily News story is a must-read. And we’ll keep you updated on that Dr. Phil thing.


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  1. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. Now I am a long standing advocate of blogs and what they represent in sports, but it will be interesting to see whether this pans out and if not, perhaps we should leave this kind of stuff to the professionals…
    Unfortunately, and I agree with many of the curmudgeons on this, blogs have no punishment for publishing nonsense and dragging someones name through the mud.
    Ed Rendell’s name should not be published about something like this unless there is clear evidence against him.
    Ever stop to think why this guy spoke to Crossing Broad and not the Daily News originally…

  2. CC- totally disagree. Before speaking to us, Bucceroni was interview by the Inquirer, last December, and the NY Daily News, in July. And many other sites that, admittedly, are not as credible. You say that, yet despite their criticism, he is on the cover of the Daily News and Dr. Phil today. Since I spoke to him, he’s again been interviewed by the NY Daily News and the Huffington Post.
    If you read the original story, which I’m not sure you did, you’d see that we had the same doubts about his story that the Daily News writer has. That said, a guy, not seeking money, is willing to put his face to a story about shitting on a man and being abused as a child. It’s not my job to determine if he’s telling the truth or not. Fact is, a guy is claiming that he was abused by men who have been proven to abuse young boys. Simply dismissing him as a whacko would be no better than all those people who didn’t listen to kids at Penn State, no?
    I get what you’re saying, though. And, yeah, the Daily News has many more resources than I do (such as having Ed Rendell on staff). But they also made no effort to verify some of the details, like we did.
    I’m not dragging anyone’s name through the mud. In fact, I said I thought his accusations against Rendell were crazy. But there’s still a community activist saying that the former DA, Mayor and Governor knew about child abuse. It’s a story, one that was covered by many outlets, not just this blog (though I will say that my post was by-far the most in-depth account of his accusations).

  3. Wayne Madsen used to work for the NSA and the United States Navy. He has reported on numerous government cover ups and scandals.
    He has linked Sandusky to Rick Santorum.
    Washington DC won’t let this pedo scandal touch them.
    It’s the normal routine to make the accuser appear uncredible.
    I applaud Kyle for going as far as he has; he didnt have to bring all this to anyone’s attention….but then the truth will always be questioned by those who want to keep truth hidden.

  4. Santorum housed “Sandusky Kids”, Making Them Available to D.C. Wealthy and Politicians
    “….It gets even worse. As reported originally by Wayne Madsen Sandusky and his vile ones farmed numerous of these children out to be used as sex objects. This was by the mighty and rich, including U.S. Congressmen and Senators as well as rich donors. Like Sandusky, Santorum housed these juveniles as pages, making them ultimately available to both the wealthy and Washington, D.C.-based politicians. That’s why he tries to deflect people from the issue. (Santorum NOW claims he didn’t know Sandusky.)
    Yet, what was Santorum’s position on Sandusky? He regarded him so highly that he personally gave him an award, the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award. It is beyond belief: that Santorum-orchestrated award honored him for ruining the lives of vulnerable children and adolescents.”

  5. Kyle,
    Truly appreciate the response. I did read the original post the day it was posted. I don’t remember all the details but I do remember obviously being fairly sickened and I do remember your doubts.
    I don’t think I realized he was in the NYDN before here. I apologize. I would argue that the reason he is in the Daily News today though is to criticize his story, rather than give him a soap box.
    I, admittedly, may be somewhat out of line and think you bring up some good points. I’d agree that not talking about it is the same mistake Penn State made. I just wonder what the best forum is for bringing a respected politician into the conversation is and what due dilligence should be done before doing so. I honestly don’t know who the first person to bring his name into the conversation was, but I would still argue it should take more than this guy’s word to do so. I’m not saying don’t say anything, but I still believe accusations should be looked into before publishing, and as you mentioned, you tried to verify more than the DN so if you did, I take all of this back.
    I guess my point is, sure, there are people in this story that are clearly guilty and are fair game but at the same time, writing about politicians covering this up is a much bigger issue that should have more support than this guys word, especially when you point out that you don’t believe that part of his story.

  6. AL Tru. What news sources do you read? I believe we are tapped into similar outlets. There’s a war on for your mind.

  7. Seymour Hersh.
    Wayne Madsen.
    Gordon Duff (Veterans Today)
    um…Alex Jones not so much.
    there’s info and disinfo.
    I’ve had my clearance for 35 years.
    Good friend of mine lost a friend on the USS Liberty.

  8. lol so we dismiss his story because Rendell and others said he’s nuts?
    being objective, shouldn’t there be at least some investigation into these people? I mean if he said Sandusky was a pedo 2 years ago would you guys be saying the same thing… Again, I’m not saying the people he named are guilty but we’re just going to ignore his requests for an investigation because a politician says he’s “crackers?” I mean.. politicians are usually the beacons of truth in a hurricane of lies, right? … right..
    somehow this will get twisted into me saying the guy is 100% right and I want Rendell on the stand tomorrow. heh

  9. Thanks so much for this post, Mr. Scott. I’m working on a post about Kuklinski, and this Bucceroni character seems to be the only person who has ever linked Kuklinski to Roy DeMeo. Very helpful info!

    1. @ S.M. Elliott, If you want to know about Richie Kuklinski ask someone who was part of his crew! Kuklinski like myself were part of a group of independent street criminals that associated with mobsters. We officially weren’t part of any one mob crime family but did criminally interact/collaborate with mobsters on a regular basis, hence the term “Mob Associate” a mob associate isn’t part of the mob but does criminally collaborate with members of organized crime in committing a variety of crimes abroad. Myself, Richie Kuklinski (I use to refer to him as the “Big Pollock” or “Richie”) and other independent street criminals use to criminally collaborate with a variety of street criminals, mobsters and corrupt cops (Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City) in trafficking stolen cars, guns, stolen scrap metal, pornography, stolen property and illegal drugs. FBI didn’t focus on us independent street criminals because at the time of FBI investigations were sloppy and really didn’t focus on what was considered at the time petty street criminal associates, FBI only focused on high ranking mobsters or known key players ie Paul Castellano, Roy DeMeo, Robert DiBernardo, Myself, Kuklinski and others were considered small fish and often overlooked during FBI investigations (I bet FBI now wishes they paid better attention to us small independent fish) FBI looks pretty stupid regarding a variety of things they overlooked and or mishandled over the years that I was involved with including the 1970s Jerry Sandusky abuse!) My whole criminal life started after I was coerced via money. drugs/alcohol. gifts etc by Ed Savitz 1977 exploited into the life style of child sex trafficking. The whole Jerry Sandusky child sex scandal only played a small part in my child sex trafficking victimization. Getting sexually abused, raped, pimped out to hundreds of men/women in 3 different states and turned into a child drug addict/alcoholic at the age of 12 years old until I was 16 years old kinda messes a kid’s head up! that’s why it was very easy for me to develop into a lifestyle of violent street crime at such a young age and criminally associate with other street criminals of that era 1977-1986.

    2. @ S.M. Elliott, FYI I disassociated myself from Richie Kuklinski back in 1982 after I was warned that Roy DeMeo wanted Kuklinski to kill me after I complained about child pornography and child snuff films that we were trafficking from New York City to Philadelphia. As a victim of child sex trafficking and abuse I wanted no criminal part in trafficking kiddie porn and I made a big fuss about it which got Roy DeMeo pissed off at me. It was the big fuss that I initiated that eventually got Roy DeMeo murdered 1983 that also eventually gave John Gotti another excuse to murder Paul Castellano and Robert “DB” DiBernardo during the rise of the John Gotti era for which I was not a part of.

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